Fulton County DA confident there will be jail time for Trump and his co-conspirators

Originally published at: Fulton County DA confident there will be jail time for Trump


I do want to note that this seems to come from another leak, probably from the defense side (much like the previous leak)… they are most likely trying to find a way to “prove” that Willis is being biased and unfair, plus to lay the ground work for some kind of mistrial claims…


As is everything. Their legal defense is to game the system and look for a loophole.


Sure, but given the previous leaked videos, I think there is something else going on here that isn’t the normal defense tactics. Defense attorneys are still bound by particular rules laid down by the judge, after all.

[ETA] From last month, what the impact of leaks could be…


His cell will have three times the square footage of his adoring fellow inmates.


Most of Trump’s legal maneuvers only make sense when you understand his strategy is “screw winning in court, we’re going to win the political game and use that power to bypass the legal system entirely.”


If you’re the one prosecuting the case, suggesting jail time for someone charged with a crime is OK, you wouldn’t have brought the case if you didn’t think there was a crime.

However suggesting innocent people, who have been cleared by scientific evidence, should still be locked up. . . .


who have been aghast that the district attorney’s office would throw around what they took as a prison threat in a cavalier manner,

Uh, yeah? That’s what prosecutors do to people they are prosecuting.

Oh…… they mean being treated like a poors or a POC.

Well, tough. Maybe try not to do crimes?

(Meaning Trump, not the many people the system has railroaded)


Yeah, And @MagicFox that seems to make some sense of their thinking here - that they probably know this is not damning evidence, but is intended to get this into the public domain in order to prove that this is a political hit job on Trump…



It’s a page right out of the dictator’s playbook, his “first day” priority. Netanyahu tried it too in regard to his own corruption trials before Hamas attacked.


And a big reason for that is that Trump is guilty as sin, and while he himself may not have accepted it, his lawyers probably know the prosecution has enough evidence to put him in prison no matter what they do.


Yeah, I have no idea what’s going on with these leaks. Apparently the leaker of the earlier videos came forward and admitted it, a bit of news I missed. And it wasn’t Trump’s attorneys, but co-defendant Misty Hampton’s attorney.

The district attorney’s office had privately believed Trump’s team leaked the videos, only to be surprised when the lawyer for the former Coffee county elections official Misty Hampton acknowledged at a court hearing that he had disseminated videos to a certain news outlet.

So I think it’s possible these emails were likewise leaked by a codefendant’s attorney, if they were copied on them? It’s possible Trump’s attorneys did it, too, in an attempt to make Willis look bad. I don’t think it makes her look bad, but I’m sure Trump does, so who knows. Maybe Trump himself told someone to leak it. Regardless, all it does is make it look like Willis is biased, which…no shit, Sherlock! She’s the DA. Of course she’s biased against the defendant. As others have pointed out above, she wouldn’t have filed charges if she weren’t convinced he was guilty.


I can see it happening. There has to be some co-ordination going on between the co-defendants who aren’t cutting deals. They all worship Biff (none more than Biff himself) and are all depending on him to win the election and make it all go away.


TFG can’t offer pardons for state convictions…


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