Trump's no-experience, fake-degree wedding planner will be in charge of billions in NYC housing spending

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Grenfell, NYC. Coming your way.

We’re in an era where all sorts of con-artists and grifters are in powerful positions. We need to work to change this.


satire is being bludgeoned to death by 45, leading me to wonder how “the onion” manages to continue operating.

more seriously it is obvious that personal relationships with 45 count for much more than experience and expertise in his administration.


Well when you are just a warm body showing up to work, and decisions are made behind closed doors I guess you don’t need any experience or a degree.


"I’m proof Donald Trump isn’t a bigot.”

The only ‘proof’ I see is that Lynne Patton can be bought off.


6 months in, even someone as cynical as myself is amazed that at least 30% of the country still doesn’t understand what most commenters here knew well before the election: that this administration exists in large part as a patronage racket and business enhancement opportunity for family members and cronies.


I hate how the discussion of racial discrimination gets manipulated into some kind of personality metric, like, “I know him and he’s not a bigot!” Racial discrimination isn’t necessarily about what people feel in their hearts (something we can never know)… If someone enacts policies that foster or create discriminatory outcomes, even for reasons that aren’t intentionally discriminatory, that’s a kind of bigotry.


…And by definition, prejudice isn’t about how you treat people you know…It’s the judgements that you make before you get to know them.
Edited to add: The kind of prejudice where people make unwarranted assumptions about people that they don’t know on the basis of race or religion, but are perfectly willing to accept that somebody that they know is “one of the good ones.” is MUCH more prevalent IMHO than “all blacks are stupid, shifty and lazy” racists. And casual prejudice is MUCH more difficult to fight because the people who think that way DON"T THINK THAT THEY ARE RACISTS, and are offended by that idea that they are. At some level, almost all of us are at least a little prejudiced and it take actively fighting against acting on that lazy thought process. “Everybody does it,” is no excuse, but it makes fighting it very difficult.


Since the president doesn’t have a dog, there really is no way to satirize this.
I notice the Onion’s response to Trump has been to go dark:


To date, he has hired three black people in his government: two in urban housing (with no experience or qualifications), and Omarosa.

But, hey, she looks the part!

Our nation is a grand experiment: can you run a government using the same methods as casting a TV show?


I remember reading that the White House was looking for someone hispanic to head the Department of Agriculture. I’m still not sure if that was an attempt at satire or just Trump racism.


Actually, she’s proof he is a bigot. When this story first started trickling out on twitter last night no mention of her race was made. But based on who trump is, I fully expected her to be black.

How many black people has he appointed to anything now? Seems like two. He’s got hundreds of other open positions for which she is equally unqualified. But he puts her in housing, just like he did with Carson. That’s because he has stereotyped black == poor.

Tokenism is better than a full shut-out, but not by much and certainly not enough to qualify as egalitarian.


This is probably Trump’s revenge on NY housing officials. All those people who gave him a cold shoulder over the years.



Or more obviously, that the guy committed out and out discrimination against people on the basis of race in his businesses as a matter of personal policy.

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  1. No experience or qualifications.
  2. Looks the part.
  3. Grand experiment.

Looks like the folks who voted for the white guy, Trump, didn’t see a problem with him and his three qualifications shown above.


So where does she stand in the line of succession once/if the dominos start falling like a house of cards?

(Hello, TGP. Only because I’m getting a whiff of something from ELSEWHERE)…

…If appointing an unqualified person (who happens to be black) to such a position is revenge against NY, then Trump stacking his cabinet with unqualified people (who happen to be white) could be seen as a nasty trick on the entire country.



As has been mentioned in the articles, her linkedin entries are fun.

Mentions “Quinnipiac School of Law” and didn’t graduate (or attend?)

Mentions “Yale”-- just “Yale”, no years, no other qualification. She visited there? She knows how to spell it?


How is “He can’t be a racist—he has a black friend!” different from “He can’t be a sexist—he’s married!”?