Trump's Special Master continues to run the FAFO court of justice

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I’m sure his lawyers are always telling him he needs to shut up, not make any more public statements about any of his legal issues, and of course he can’t. He keeps digging his hole deeper, somehow thinking he’s going to dig himself out.


I just love the fact that the Special Master’s name is Dearie!


He might be thinking that if he digs deep enough, he’ll come out on the other side of the world and be off the hook for everything, the deluded fool.


And yet for all this, trump has not faced real consequences still. He absolutely should face real consequences, but our justice system is very, very reluctant to land too hard on the rich and powerful.


It brings me no end of joy that Trump demanded a Special Master, and was given one. And then that he demanded THIS SPECIFIC Special Master, and was given him. And here we are.


None of this is actually a good thing, I’m afraid.

  • An awful thing happened. Critical information was stolen and probably sold, definitely compromised.
  • The rule of law was publicly flouted by a public offical.
  • We have to uphold the law and pursue this, but the only outcome is going to be alot of public attention to a monstrous parasite that feeds on public attention, and a narrative he can spin to his own purposes to further bleed his hosts.
  • The outcome will be some deal where he pays a fine for lesser crimes and suffers indignities that don’t matter to him, because we can’t set a precedent of jailing former leaders. That would just give more tools to the fascists.

Nothing really matters except voting Democrats into office in November and 2024 and then pressuring them to continue bolstering our defenses against the next assault, which will probably be by a successor, likely DeSantis or some wriggling horror yet to be revealed.


I agree with this wholeheartedly, but would add that if he does not face serious consequences for his actions, the rule of law in this country is shown to be hopelessly compromised. (I know, I know, like it isn’t already compromised, but still…)


It’s the age-old conflict between the right to remain silent and the ability to remain silent. In many people that conflict starts due to large quantities of alcohol, but Trump doesn’t need booze.


Cheers for Trump being highlighted as an idiot. However, in any event of law officers gathering evidence of wrongdoing, it is on them to show clear chain of custody. How many drug plantings have been perpetrated by law enforcement against young black men? Planting by LE does happen, and the FBI has an unclean reputation, even to those of us who aren’t conservative. It is not on the accused to prove innocence; it is on the state to prove guilt. I hope they do a decent job and not bungle it. I’d like to see the precedent set for sending a president to jail, so that the next time we get a Trump or a GWB, they might actually consider prosecuting.


So many try, and so often, and never succeed.


I can’t blame him for thinking he’s going to get away with it. He’s gone through his whole life with people almost eager to go along woth his bullshit.


Thus far Trump’s defense has not hinged on the assertion that the FBI actually planted anything. Quite the opposite—their position is that the FBI took things that actually belong to Trump.

“I demand that the DEA return all those kilos of cocaine that they planted in my home” is not a coherent or defensible position.


As soon as I heard that Dearie was a Reagan appointee I knew it would not end well for Trump. As much as I disliked him, Reagan would be embarrassed to see what happened to his party.


The best part is that Trump is the one who has to pay for Dearie’s time, to the tune of $500 an hour.


Especially given Agent Orange’s history of stiffing the people who work for him. Hard to skip paying the bill on this one.


yeah, he’s said that several times. meanwhile, his lawyers – as dumb as they are for taking the case – are smart enough to have never claimed that in court.

custody disputes normally happen during a trial. ■■■■■ was given highly unusual special dispensation for the “special master” before a trial has even started, before charges are even filed.

the cops – if the courts authorize a warrant – are allowed to seize your property when they investigate crimes. no one else gets to play this game of “give it back, i stole it fair and square.”