Trump's top economic advisor couldn't bear to listen to the president bloviate so he pretended he had a bad connection and hung up


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I am still disappointed he lacks any competency, but relieved being so inept should at least keep fears of some authoritarian mastermind taking over the country like in the 30s from coming true. And thus far, damage is reparible.


You’re going to hear a noise that sounds like I’m hanging up - but it’s not - keep talking Donny.


If I were him I’d have stealth hung up. LIke must it then hang up. Then ask people in the meeting how long he went on before realizing he hung up.


+1,000,000 for that gif


The key to hanging up on someone is to do it while you are talking. The other person never expects you to do that, so they think the connection was lost.


I do this to my asshole boss all the time. It’s my way of sticking it to the man…


The White House is (of course) denying this is true, and I’m sure people in his cabinet simply tell him the media is lying. So, Trump gets placated, his followers are placated, and Gary Cohn gets to keep his job (for now.)

I won’t have to deal with any crazy conservative uncles at Thanksgiving this year, but if I did I would just say “fake news” to anything they bring up, and say it over and over and over, until they understand how annoying and childish that phrase is.


Even asshole alligators gotta’ cope somehow.


I wanted to place a clip of Mike(?) playing with Dr. Forrester on the new communications system of the Satellite of Love (Can you hear me? Nope. Try it again.) but couldn’t find a clip. Dangit.


It’s not fake! I saw it on Fox!


I thought the universal way to hang up on someone was to say your cellphone’s battery was dying.


For added 45 paranoia: “Say, do you hear that clicking noise?” (hang up)


Or you could go with, “I keep hearing some strange intermittent roaring sound.”


Do you think this is how Cohn felt?

bullshit calling


I do this to my asshole wife all the time. Safe to say, we’re in counselling.




It should be possible to build a chatbot which responds to gaps in a caller’s speech with random uses of “um”, “yeah” and “okay”. Then you start the bot and get on with something else.


Philip Seymour Hoffman. A terrible shame.


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