Trying To Find A Movie Featured Before

Anyone remember the name of that Swedish comedy released officially via bittorrent? I swear it was featured on here, probably with a link to a torrentfreak article, but I can’t find it for the life of me. It was probably around 2010 or so, put up on TPB. The basic thing I remember about the plot was basically that everyone was always dying, the town was in maybe this time loop sort of thing, where, you know, Ms Whatever would die, then Ms Whateverelse, and there was something about how all the fathers in the town were just gone for whatever reason…

Anyway, I really enjoyed it, just can’t find it again


Not Naken? That’s too early and not sure it got released on BitTorrent… was it definitely Swedish?

More plot details!

Du Skona

Die Beauty

Released via Bittorrent… from the official page:

Die Beauty is available to download as a torrent file from THE PIRATE BAY

This film was made with the love and support from a lot of people. If you want to contribute, please make a donation using the buttons beneath. All financial support goes to the publicity of the film.

Link (from the creators own page):


English subs

Support the film €4:

Paypal donation in Kroner

Paypal donation in Euros


It was Die Beauty for sure. I have no idea why but when I tried to think of the title I just kept coming up with random stuff. Thanks for figuring it out.


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