TSA agents, unpaid for 30 days, are blasting explicit hip-hop in airport terminals


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Can passengers make requests? Dare one ask for “Fuck the Police”?


Waiting in line to be groped would definitely be more bearable with a John Carpenter synth score.


I’m surprised they’re not playing FDT

(It stands for F*** Donald Trump)


In many sensitive jobs a bad credit rating can be enough to make or break someone’s security clearance, because a person in financial distress is more susceptible to being bribed.

Right now one of the few opportunities TSA agents have for actually making money would be to accept a wad of cash to look the other way as a passenger smuggled contraband on an airplane.

“Not paying the people in charge of security” is never, ever a good idea.


Personally, I would have went with


If I were an agent doing this, and a passenger told me to put on a different song, I would put on the last minute or so of Killing in the Name.

Either they are going to appreciate that, or they deserve it.


Horrible torture…


I keep thinking how Putin’s goal was to simply create chaos in the USA

this shutdown seems way way too “nail on the head” even though it has no direct connection to Russia

I mean the excuse is “the wall” but he could have done that the first two years, suddenly he is trying to lift sanctions on certain oligarchs, shuts down large chunks of the government after kicking out a bill that had already passed, this is like a Putin wishlist that is he wrapping up as quickly as possible





I really feel like ATL needs to step up it’s game…


Dear President Trump:

Would you like to win reelection?

Send all the TSA agents home. Give them six month’s severance.

And never bring them back.

PS - I offer this free advice with no fear that it will be taken.


I think those who would appreciate an end to the TSA would never vote for Trump, even if he did that; and those who would consider voting for him, think the TSA is the only thing standing between them and a sea of terrorists who would be constantly trying to hijack every flight were we to stop groping everyone who wants to get on a plane…


OK, I won’t try to pop that bubble you live in. Have a great day.


Flew out of LAX on Sunday and the TSA folks were super polite and efficient, and sadly, had not yet resorted to busting out the music. Flew back home today and didn’t make it upstairs to verify and report back. (Too busy recombobulating after a rather bumpy flight.)

I had worried about traveling while people’s money was being held hostage would be an absolute mess, but this was the most trouble-free security experience I’ve had in ages. I think if there’s one takeaway from all this, it’s that the general public is being nicer to the underpaid folks in our security theater, and I feel that treating front line folks nicer is always a good thing.


Ditto OAK & SFO.

They can play Fight the Power by Public Enemy…


In other news, when did TSA agents suddenly get access to airport sound systems, let alone the authority to change the Muzak being broadcast?