TSA apprehends cat attempting to smuggle itself to Florida

Ha-ha, a cat. Too bad they’ll miss a half dozen firearms by sundown. /s


That was a tactical cat. The lame puns are just a smoke screen.


I’m often suspicious about these sorts of stories - who leaves the house for the airport without saying goodbye to their pets or other household members?
Was this cat going to be left alone while the owners goes away? Did the owner not think to make sure that Kitty’s ‘world’ was good before they closed the door? Food in bowl, water… note for the sitter… cat sleeping on couch.

Admittedly I don’t pack suitcases when I travel (carry-on backpack of GTFO), but when I leave… I give my cat a big hug & kiss goodbye … he sees me off, I wave to him in the window as I go.

Folks that discover their pets in suitcases AT the airport… sorry, I don’t buy it. Either purposely trying to smuggle the cat, OR a really scatterbrained careless owner who probably left the garage door open & bath running as well.

(be curious if their bags had any cat food or treats packed as well… surefire giveaway of intent).

When I had cats, this could easily have happened, because we lived in houses with yards. We’d arrange for the neighbour to feed and check in on the cat, make sure everything was in order, but the cat was nowhere in sight - off having adventures, or snoozing under a bush.


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