TSA will let you travel with a motorcycle airbag

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For example, they don’t take you by surprise when they split lanes on the highway.

My flight, and all flights to my destination, were then cancelled due to smoke from California’s wild-fires

These are the fires in the south? Or has the smoke from the Tubbs fire become a problem as far south as SFO? (By the way, we’ve been following the news from Santa Rosa and environs carefully for personal reasons, and I’m surprised how little mention it has had on BoingBoing. While not on the scale of something like the hurricane damage in PR, the casualty rate and damage are pretty serious for wildfires and just heartbreaking, and photos like #6 and 7 here are shocking.)


Fires both north and south, said the airline. The route was closed.

I do not think we’re writing about the fire as the two of us who are closest to it have a lot of friends and family running from the smoke and flames. We’re watching it with fear, and our kids are home from school due to the AQI being the shittiest ever.

I have a friend who was hit by a boat on the 101, so there is that. It fell off a trailer but…


Mutter is a great album. You were lucky to get such a great driver.


How close have you come to forgetting to disconnect the cable from the bike before getting off? I feel like I would definitely do that.


You have to tug on that cable pretty damn hard. 45- 60lbs of force I think they say. I can not move intentionally fast enough when dismounting the bike to do more than pull it taught and feel stupid. It happens. I have not found any stories about accidental inflation.


Good to know. As someone who accidentally leaves the key in his bike a few times a year, and may once have forgotten to remove the u-lock from the wheel before taking off, I’ve always assumed these vests were not for me. Sounds like they’ve thought it through though.


I like it. For $650 it seems pretty fire and forget. All you gotta do is clip in, it’ll remind you to clip out.

The $2500+ systems from A* and Dainese inflate via gyros and computers and stuff, but the inflation time and situations do not seem more effective than mechanical systems. Helite has a computer system for skiiers (and old folks who fall and break hips) but for motorcycles they prefer the tether. If they could sell something more expensive in good-faith, I think they would. This is one of many reasons I gave them my business.


Hit-Air also makes similar tethered vests that are quite a bit cheaper.

They do, although I think the “cheaper” part may not be correct apples to apples. Hit-Air sells the backpad as an add-on etc. I chose the Helite for a variety of reasons that made me think it is better.

I have a HitAir vest. Haven’t worn it or set up the lanyard yet, I bought it because my wife insisted I get it. When I do wear it, I will wear it over a proper armored back protector. I have one from Knox and one from Bohn.

It will work very well from all reports. I will keep all my armor that is in my jackets in them as well. This is more protection, not less.

Indeed. I like how unobtrusive and light these vests are in relationship to how much added protection they offer. I learned about them from a buddy who wears one over his leathers at track days. Something I should do as well. I forgot to bring it to the last track day I went to and am that much happier I didn’t bail, haha.

Thanks for all the kind words! if anyone is interested or if anyone has any other questions about our vests or jackets, feel free to drop me a line at zak@helitemoto.com

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I had previously thought explosive gasbags could only travel on Air Force One or charters.


It’s OK until some uninformed numbnut says it isn’t.

Know a lady who has a similar one for horseback riding. She came off the other week and said it saved her from some broken ribs.


So, you CAN NOT take a pocket KNIFE on a plane, but you CAN take a BOMB? I can not understand the TSA’s “logic” when it comes to what is banned.

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It’s powered by a CO2 capsule, a bit larger than one for a drink siphon. Nothing explosive or combustible. Not that the knife thing isn’t absurd.

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OH SNAP I think it’s time for a full on Village People smackdown