Tsugargu Shamisen Girls rock out with traditional instrument

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Cracking! What could be more METAL than an axe you play with the freakin’ knife?


Two talented women slammin a tune on the street and an old dude with a cane and kids run by without even a pause or a look?
Either they are doing it there everyday and its no big deal or some people just don’t hear music.

Rocking hard on traditional instruments, Altan Ureg from the film “Khadak”:


Brilliant. That has made my morning. Made all the more special by the guy with the cane.

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it sounds like they’re throwing in a riff from a recent western pop song at intervals, such as right near the end. does anyone else hear it? ID?

Tsugaru, not Tsugargu. The guy who put it up on Youtube misspelled the duo’s name.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pedant.


Wow. Now I know one more thing I’m going to seek out on our first trip to Japan in August.

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Are you certain that you are from my neighbourhood? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I shake my fist at you for beating me to it.

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