Woman Kyrgyz singer records amazing version of a traditionally male-voiced poem

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I really like drones in music - bagpipes, sitars, etc. But the bass drones of throatsingers and digideroos are best - so powerful and primal.


That was pretty bad-ass.


Indeed. Whatever she’s selling, I’m buying.


The part where the music cut out for a few seconds and it was just her singing made me shiver.

Hear that everyone? They got vowels. STFU about the vowel thing!

oral tradition during the Soviet era, in which it was suppressed.

Not that old chestnut. A search in the USSR Records database reveals 13 releases of Manas recitals between 1936 and 1987, including a 7 disc Manas Anthology from 1974. That database is not complete, so there were probably more.

It’s all too easy to make false claims about the suppression of folklore in the USSR when so little is known about it in the west.


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Has the feel of early Mouth Music (the band, not the style). This is a good thing.

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