Video: girls singing Georgian polyphonic music



Thank you. That’s definitely a wonderful thing in my books.


Cool women singing is cool.


I can’t get over how good the audio quality is for a handheld cam.


Quiet environments are quiet.


I was just listening to the “Pensado’s place” podcast this morning and he was talking with Bob Clearmountain (Producer/Mix engineer: Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Robbie Williams, dire straits, the list goes on…)

They were talking about the state of music and how, in their opinion things are not very exciting right now, and I try to think about what’s new and mainstream that I really like and I can’t really think of any new trend in music that I’m that excited about.

BUT!, I love how there’s always someone out there, putting stuff on the internet that’s just wonderful and makes me want to keep on listening and making stuff of my own.

Just awesome.


Still, the wind and the handling of the camera is usually an issue with these types of recordings, even footsteps can get picked up and become distracting.
Very good work recording this indeed.

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I want to find more of this on something other than YouTube. Would anyone know any artists or labels or keywords that could help me get started in my search?

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I second that request.

Let the hunt begin! The girl in the video is (as best I understand) Tatia Mgeladze – თათია მგელაძე in Georgian, which I decidedly cannot read.

The embedded song is Zecas Shakheneo Aparekav by Aluda Qetelauri.
There’s a (self-described) “awkward translation” up on Reddit:

No webpage I could find thus far.

Any Georgian speakers here who can get us farther?

Of course it’s entirely possible that they’re young, amateur musicians who lack the resources for any sort of professional recording arrangement or a web presence beyond youtube and other social media platforms.


There’s one where one of the ladies is sitting on a rock right in a creek - and even there the sound of the water is quiet and the music loud and clear.


I found three songs on grooveshark by Aluda Qetelauri, but they’re not quite what I’m looking for. They have the rhythm guitar and the progressions, but they’re solo voice, not harmonic polyphony.

I’ve found nothing by him with the same sort of harmony, either. Here’s the same song the trio above is singing, as sung by Qetelauri:

Lovely indeed!
expecting someone to nag about the phone video not shot sideways in 3…2…1…


Perhaps something from the other side of the Black Sea? Not much rhythm guitar, but harmonic polyphony aplenty:

Bulgarian State Television Female Choir
Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria

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I’m not of the marrying kind, but I think I just changed my mind.


Great singing! and great recording, I’ll check out more of their series.

FWIW, this particular video isn’t polyphonic singing. The vocals (when they sing together that is) are all rhythmically synchronised, they’s singing the same line in harmony, this is more like homophony/heterophony. Polyphony means that different voices are singing separate musical lines, often rhythmically distinct. Like this (though it could be much more complex)

If you want something from a similar tradition to georgian singing, you could do worse than checking out this, it was a grammy wining album in the 80s, fantastic bulgarian choral singing.


If you like Georgian polyphony, you might like this:

or even this:

Thanks for this! I clicked on the “huge series” link while this video was playing. The playlist started playing simultaneous with this one. As far as my ears knew, it “worked,” and I didn’t notice until I realized there were more people voices than there were people appearing on the screen.

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