Tucker Carlson was fired because he's an insufferable lying asshole

I have followed Brian Stetler’s reporting for a few years now. I’ve found him level headed and a good source of actual news. He was one of the first sources outside the left calling Fox not a news channel. (I personally think of them as being a reality TV version of a news network.)


Seems like both true together makes the most sense. If you run the kind of organization who’s stock and trade is knowing the exact dollar figure of a given quantity of asshole, the math is pretty easy.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy


Emphasis mine. I think I got whiplash by the swerve in the tone of his vocabulary there.


Rob, typo in the last paragraph

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I come here, on the front, for comments, your site, you may be killing it.

he’s got a face that begs to be punched

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