Tulsi Gabbard, most-searched candidate during Democratic debates, sues Google

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Gabbard lawsuit, filed Thursday in a Los Angeles federal court, is reportedly the first time a presidential candidate has sued a major technology firm.


Gabbard’s federal lawsuit claims “that Google infringed on her free speech when it briefly suspended her campaign’s advertising account after the first Democratic debate in June,” writes Daisuke Wakabayashi writing in the New York Times.

I can’t read the NYT article (exceeded my free articles for the month), but USC prof Eric Goldman often blogs about the endless series of cases where people try and fail to claim that a social media platform banning them violates their first amendment rights. So good luck with that one.


I expected better from Tucker Carlson’s favorite Democrat.


This issue has been ruled on so many times, it’s absurd. It was ruled on again recently:

And this lawsuit just seems like Gabbard following up on her previous support for the idea of breaking up big tech companies.


Who? (I kid)


The first amendment applies to the government, not to Google. Even if they had suspended her account because they simply didn’t like her, she wouldn’t have much of a case.


Ugh. Gabbard is the candidate who always shows up on top when I check which ones I share the most political views with. I had hoped she wouldn’t do something stupid. Not that I ever thought she had a chance in hell - when it comes to female candidates and support (such as it is) from the powers that be, it seems everything’s coming up Warren. Double ugh.

Oh, my friend, that ship has long since sailed.

Gabbard, after meeting with Syrian dictator and repeated user of sarin gas Bashar al Assad: “Assad is not the enemy of the United States because Syria does not pose a direct threat to the United States.”


Well, if Random Caps Man thinks I should continue to support her…

How about nah.


It’s always amusing when someone from Facebookland wanders in here.


She’s the preferred Democratic candidate of actual fucking Nazis, and I say to hell with her.

God in heaven, is she gonna turn out to be the 2019 version of Ron Paul, where the vaguest mention of the white supremacist dumbfuck would bring out the howling hordes to scream RONPAUL until the site pulled the plug?


The most-googled candidate during the democratic debates? Pffff, hold my chardonnay.


Pro tip: clear your cookies. Their article count trackers are painfully obvious. Same with WaPo.

Also: To anyone from NYT or WaPo; just kidding! They’re super sneaky and hard to find.


And yet:


You think Syria poses a direct threat to the United States? Did you think Iraq posed a direct threat to the United States as well?

Tulsi has explained countless times that she is not pro-Assad and considers him a brutal dictator. Her great crime is simply to suggest that the warmongers in the media and the MIC ffs not get us stuck in yet another regime change war.


Ah, the old “X likes Y, therefore to hell with Y” canard.

The reason that she generates so much hate is simply that she is anti-war. If you actually look at her legislative record and policy positions, she is solidly progressive.

But daring to speak against endless war? Monstrous!


I’ll just put this here


She is his favorite Democrat because she’s anti-war, anti regime change. He does not agree with her about much else, but respects her as someone who actually served in a war zone and is doing her best to slow down the endless war machine.

During the W Bush era, being anti-war was a solid part of the progressive platform. In today’s bizarro world, the fact that an annoying Fox News guy shares a distaste for endless war with a progressive women veteran doesnt make him right about this one issue but makes her wrong about everything else.


Hey! You gets it!

Cue the anti-Tulsi brigade, composed to some part of actual fans of endless war, but more often who start to like her when they make it past the smoke screens thrown in her way by most pro-war media.

For handy reference:

Cheat sheet:

  • she is pro-Assad: Nope.
  • she is not progressive on LGBT issues. Nope.
  • she likes Trump. Nope.
  • she applied for a job with Trump. Nope.
  • she is Islamophobic. Nope.

These and other issues, a quick check at the link will hopefully help out.