Turkey cat funeral explained


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That’s just what the turkeys want you to believe. The cat was a sacrifice. This was their orgiastic dance of worship to their obscene, alien gods. Ia! Ia!


Yet More 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, #37: Turkey hypnotiser!

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Two questions: first, how do they break themselves of the pattern?

Second, how do I become a turkey expert? Eating a lot of it isn’t working for me.


Those turkeys have just figured out the traditional method for trapping a cat.


They don’t.

That’s the dark side of turkey reality.


Man turkeys are DUMB. If you want to resurrect the cat you have to walk backwards. Any first year necromancer knows this.


Why would they want to resurrect it? They were making sure it was dead.


Is this a metaphor for the Trump administration?



So it’s kinda like a ant death spiral.


i’m pretty sure it’s an undocumented sign of the end times.


Yet another poorly implemented WHILE loop. :rolling_eyes:


Sometimes they don’t until they collapse of exhaustion, leading to a form of ecological collapse in which a dead cat is surrounded by a ring of dead turkeys surrounded by a ring of dead squirrels surrounded by a ring of dead flamingoes and so forth.


Obligatory XKCD:


Keep in mind that all of these turkeys are hens. I don’t see a single beard among them.
As an avid wild eastern turkey hunter, I’ve seen toms display more dominant behaviour toward dead or dying predators. Any sign of weakness and a dominant tom will exploit it.

I doubt this kind of pattern would be possible with male turkeys.


Just when I think that “There’s an XKCD for everything” is hyperbole…


They’re Schrödinger Turkeys…the cat is both alive and dead


“Turkey cat funeral” is just so … dada.


Unless you’re programming a turkey trap.

While (cat == DEAD)