Turns out vinyl gloves can be made into grape soda

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I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. It always seemed like he was getting so close, then he’d have to try yet another reaction. It’s like looking at the peak of a mountain and thinking, “it’s so close! I’m five minutes from the top”

Chemists are their own kind of maker geek, that’s for sure.


I must be in the minority. I prefer diet soda’s flavor.

I feel less thirsty after drinking it, compared to normal soda (although I have been on diet so long I have not much tried cane sugar sodas).

Yes, many artificial sweeteners have a bitter aftertaste. I also like gin, and radishes and IPA’s.

Lately I do not even drink diet soda. I get my costco’s membership worth from the 36 can packs of La Croix knockoff.

I think the next step in my adventure to cut down on aluminum can waste is a large carbonation system, and growing my own fruit trees.

I have started to research what kind of fruit trees grow in my climate, but so many are so sugary I might actually see about one which is all rind and no flesh. Buddha’s Hand seems a suitable option.

I have been doing some reading about how to cultivate Buddha’s Hand so I do not have to pay Whole Foods prices, but the changing climate presents me with the occasional frost as a hurdle.

You might think all this extreme. But hey, you clicked on an article about making grape soda from vinyl gloves.



Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park - Think If You Should

I’m getting strong Gale Boetticher vibes from that video.


Next put the Buddha’s Hand in the vinyl glove :smiley:


Something about artificial grape flavor always tasted better than real grape to me, although I’m not sure it actually tasted like grapes at all.


Not a chemist, so perhaps unnecessary alarm is present (I know, I know… “the poison is in the dose”, “different bonds & structures yield different characteristics”, etc…), but seeing phthalate anything in the context of edibility seems like a pretty poor idea to my simple mind.

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