TV interview interrupted by explosion and flying manhole cover


To make things worse a bunch of teenagers photobombed the interview when they tried to get a second take.


reminds me of this video.

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occasionally, underground vaults do explode (ie, from gas build up).

Oh sure, the government wants you to think that was a manhole cover. What are they hiding?

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C.H.U.D. teenagers lighting farts


It launches at ~19 s on the reply and lands around ~25, so ~6s for time of flight. Assuming it goes straight up (sin 90 = 1), v0 is 50 ft/s or 30 mph.

That puts maximum height around 70 ft.


Whats the mass, around 10 kilos? At 15 m/s kinetic energy is 1100 joule. Looks like a mid range bullet in Ke terms

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I think manhole covers are more in the 113-136 kg range.

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10 kg? Maybe if it’s a cheese manhole cover.


Okay so 120Kg gives 13Kj, same as a .50 BMG

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I witnessed this happen once in Boston at Brighton and Harvard Avenues. It was loud, and the ground shook. I thought it was an earthquake. The manhole landed on somebody’s car. RIP Herrell’s / Allston Cafe, the best ice cream place EVAR!

Good comparison.

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be anywhere near either of those two when they dump their energy into something.

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My actual reaction:

Exactly five huhs

This is photogenic but not as good as this one below, it only made a single frame on the high speed film.
search/scroll for “Overacheiver”

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Man, Santa has a lot of fun in the offseason.

Also: “World Champion Anvil Shooter” is something that I would like to add to my resume.

I saw one of these too, preceded by a lot of nasty brown smoke being forcefully blown out of the vent holes. The cover only flew up about 40 feet, landing right next to a pedestrian who just kept walking, unperturbed as a Russian driver. I’m not sure if he didn’t realize how close to a gruesome death he had just come or was just unable to process it.

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