TV's Al Roker walks into camera


Walking and talking is hard.

Being a dick is easy.

C’mon Bob get it together!

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I do catch an occasional flash of dickishness from Roker, but by and far he is the best reason to tune in to the Today show, quite possibly for that reason.

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Bob should have had that camera out of the way before Al got there, but it was so obviously in the way that there is no way Roker could have run into it unless he was trying to - he was looking right at it for several seconds before he ran into it, FFS!

So Roker runs right into it on purpose in order to embarrass the camera guy and bitch him out on TV - class act right there.


Did it look to anyone else like the camera boom swung in to Roker?


I was really surprised about how Rude Al Roker was…Do you really think the camera man (Bob) did that Purpose!!! Chill out Al

If I run into something–especially if it hits my head–I’m going to be stupidly rude about it for a good 10 seconds. It’s a given. Cut the guy some slack, he reacted as most people do when they get unexpectedly whacked in the face…


And yet he’s not “most people” - he’s a public personality, well-paid for being (heretofore) unfailingly cheerful and polite.

Even when he sharted his pants during a White House visit.

But I too might be a jerk for 5 seconds if I ran into a camera boom that wasn’t supposed to be there.

He’s indeed “most people” in that he has emotions, feelings and the capacity to react when unexpectedly whacked. The fact that he’s well-paid to be a pleasant personality doesn’t make him an automaton devoid of normal human reactions. It’s not like he cussed anyone out. He had a few seconds of visible anger, than recovered enough to attempt to turn it into a blustery joke (“Thanks, Bob!”). I’d be much more creeped out if he was so plasticized he took a hit to the face and just tv-laughed.


It looks like he slapped the boom with his hand to make it sound like he banged his head or something. I think this was set up.


That’s what I thought too. Looked like they were doing a bit.

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This doesn’t seem like he’s being a dick at all. He clearly saw the camera was in the way and did a little prat hit and then joked around with the camera man. Am I missing something? Are there angry tweets or another video or something?

I didn’t see it as a prat hit myself when i watched it this morning–it seemed he genuinely bumped into it, and showed some real annoyance/anger for a few moments, then kind of caught himself and tried to seque into a bit with an exaggerated fake hissy-fit at this “Bob” guy. But I just watched it that once, maybe I missed some nuance. (Roker is all about the nuance after all…)

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Watch it again. It looks quite a bit like he did it intentionally as a little humourous bit. He’s looking right at the camera as he walks towards it and runs into it. Unless he had his eyes closed, this had to have been intentional.

Classic Bob!


My guess seeing what looks like a standard routine (walking from main desk to weather screen), “Bob” probably FK’d up. Roker could have left out the welcome back, but maybe this is due to some prior history.

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The boys in the lab are working on fixing that…

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Roker’s using “vacation” euphemistically.