Twin girls, 4, free themselves from car seats to survive crash that killed their dad

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Seriously always wear a seat belt. Sad to think these two girls have to live through such a traumatic event, glad they’re ok though.


This is both seriously sad and uplifting.


Fortunately they probably won’t remember the actual event beyond childhood. I think the general rule is we don’t remember much before age 7. Unfortunately the repercussions of it will reverberate through their lives for many many years.


Parenthood is the property of your children. If you die you are denying them a means of survival and the benefit or your life experience. Get your shit together. Put on your seatbelt and mothball the motorcycle and the parachute until the kids can fend for themselves. No kids, no problem. Live life as dangerously as you want.


Once saw a man riding a bicycle down a busy main road with a child on the back. The child had a helmet on but the man didn’t think to wear one himself.


Headline is misleading. The girls freed themselves from the seats having survived the crash. The current headline implies that had they not freed themselves they would have died, but the article does not, in fact it’s almost the reverse since the father, not wearing a seatbelt, was killed.

Climbing out of the back window and up a 200ft embankment and they are only 4 – somebody was a good parent.


is that true for something like this? being in a car accident is traumatic enough, but also being in a car accident that caused your dad to die, seems like something that they can remember. I really hope not, but seems like it may be traumatic enough to stick.

Maybe it was the mom, but not wearing a seat belt is about as irresponsible as can be.

What if they didn’t free themselves and were down in the car without anyone knowing where the crash was, or if they crashed. They could have easily died down there. But, i see your point.


I have no idea the science on this. It’s just my sincere hope that time will leave them with less trauma that it would if this had happened when they were older.

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I have a handful of memories from my 3rd and 4th year. And many from my 5th and 6th. Some were big things like the World’s Fair and Disney World, but a few are pretty mundane.

I certainly remember both visiting my dying grandmother and attending her funeral when I was four as well as a few warm memories of when she was alive.


I also can recall highlights of being 4 and things are clearer every year following. Unfortunately, trauma sticks, and depending on the circumstances, they may grow up with a changed mother.


I have a number of scattered memories from early as age 2-3. My parents were big on photography and home videos so rewatching those as a kid likely reinforced those memories, although i have memories of things i know they did not record or photograph.


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