Twitter briefly and immeasurably improved by removal of Donald Trump


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Still… freedom of speech tho’


Hey man, I just want the freedom to express myself by smearing shit on your walls.


America was great again, at least for a few minutes.


How can I buy that person a drink?



It’s a little bit too bad, though, because this guarantees us a week of shouty idiots going on about “leftist” tech companies censoring them.


If a random Twitter employee can shut down the President’s Twitter account then what’s to stop a Twitter employee from posting Tweets in his name? This could be a genuine National security risk.

Granted, it’s difficult to imagine anything they could write that would be more dangerous or inflammatory than the genuine tweets coming from the current POTUS.


Sure, it’s almost as if Twitter is a casual social media platform meant for posting memes and jokes and videos and photos of your lunch, and not designed for the President to post policy decisions at 3am.


So it IS possible to shut down the most vile twitter account on the internet.


Correction: an outgoing Twitter employee applied Twitter’s Terms of Service to a highly visible account, but Twitter management quickly overrode the decision and allowed the offending account to continue. Twitter bots in the hundreds of thousands were said to be greatly relieved.


That person should have posted something like: “Hey Putin! We did it! Thanks for your help. It’s all yours now. Signed yours colluding, DT”

And then unplugged the account.


No longer true. As soon as people started pointing out that 45 was violating the Twitter ToS, Twitter bravely rewrote their ToS to exclude newsworthy tweets and people.


So you can be suspended for an offensive tweet seen by five people but not for an offensive tweet seen by five million people?


@totallyrealDonaldTrump: “I’ve authorized the deployment of stealth bombers to strike North Korea and China. Make Asia Glow Again.”

Faux News: “President Trump bravely launches preemptive strike on 'Murica’s hostile enemies.”

@realDonaldTrump: “No, that wasn’t me…”



They might be idiots, but they’re not wrong. Lefty tech companies filter out conservatives (ignoring the censor/filter trap)

They’re liberal -

And they filter out stuff that they don’t like -

Hell, they even filter out ads for cutting tools.


Pretty much. Also, offer void if you’re female (see Rose McGowan).


Slow clap.

This should happen each and every day, randomly.


So you’re pointing out examples where the Grand Old-Boys’ Party of Segregation, Xenophobia, Sexual Harassment, Religious Intolerance, and Gun Violence is being censored by private companies simply for posting their totally legitimate political positions.

I think I understand.


One can almost imagine the scene at the White House…

Kelly: Mister President, someone has deleted your Twitter account!
Trump: It must be the DEMS! I know, I’ll tweet about it.
Kelly: But sir…
Trump: Oh, yeah…


It’s all about monetization. And Trump puts Twitter on the headlines every couple of days: free publicity.