Twitter CEO praises Musk's bizarre "Go f*ck yourself” meltdown in memo to staff

I think he confused blackmail with boycott.
A mistake only the wealthy could make.


I guess that might explain the equally odd phrase, “blackmail me with money”. Still, slightly surprised none of the coverage of this interview has asked what he meant. Trump-like galaxy brain that he is, and all that.


I can’t wait to read her tell all book that I 100% expect to be written shortly after xitter actually dies.


That galaxy-brain thinking lets him skip a lot of long tedious steps. That money in the advertisers’ and users’ pockets is already his, and if they don’t immediately give it to him, it’s theft!


in this case, i think it’s the sense of threatening to make someone do something they don’t to do.

as others have said better than i’m about to, he thinks he’s being boycotted - threatened with being “cancelled” - so that he’ll stop his nazi supporting ways. the reality is, most advertisers feel nazis are bad for business

this is him, trying to shame them into supporting him. the fact they’re not ( and that he doesn’t have that kind of power ) makes me feel better about the state of america right now

big business is fickle, and happily would support nazis. marketing departments however are pretty good at judging the temperature of the water.


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