Twitter chief resigns

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Poor guy. I think people finally figuring out twitter is a waste of internet isn’t the guy’s fault.


I had a great, well written response to how it was super useful but then it got cut off after 144 characte


Twitter’s chef on the other hand, is doing just fine.

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Great. So investors are going to bring in a CEO that promises to monetize the shit out of twitter, they have good earnings for two quarters, the big investors divest at the high and twitter dies a slow quiet death?

Maybe I am just being a pessimist, but seeing investors possibly force out someone that is liked and respected by the employees is usually a bad sign. I don’t really care that much about twitter, but a lot of people seem to like it, and it will be sad if it just gets bled dry.

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German news outlet “Tagesschau” has a picture of the guy in which he looks exactky like Gus Fring from “Breaking Bad” :slight_smile:

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