Twitter combines everything in man's inventory to help him escape pit


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It seems like an odd scenario for Ryan North, who is fairly young, not overweight and pretty tall:

Lift his small dog up and then climb up himself? (if it’s really slippery he could put his tshirt on the ground for grip*) Or is he imagining himself as a short person in this scenario?

*Great, now I’ve started.


“Hey, I’m stuck in a hole at such and such coordinates. Please come give me a hand, thx”.

Good thing we carry around instant global positioning and communication at Tech Level 8.


Remove all of your clothing, shoes, but not head/handwear. Tie one shoelace (removed partially from right shoe) to the head of your penis. Remove the inner pad from your left shoe, tear it in half and eat the smaller of the two pieces and then give the larger piece to the dog. Throw the remnants of the left shoe as far as possible directly to the west. Rip your shirt to create the widest possible piece of cloth and place across the deep end of the pool. Tear the left leg from your pant, double-knot the bottom end, fill the leg with the right leg material and tie around your neck.

Good luck!


Roberta Williams, is that you?


Say, “XYZZY.”


Guybrush, is that you?


I’m spoken for, but thanks.


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