Twitter flags Trump “mail drop boxes” tweet as disinformation

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Why would “mail drop boxes” allow people to vote multiple times? Over here, if you vote by mail, you put your ballot in a sealed envelope, and that envelope goes into another envelope together with a form that identifies you as a voter and lets you certify that this ballot is your ballot. In the election office, this is checked against the list of registered voters, and if more than one absentee ballot turns up claiming to be yours, or if you’ve also turn up to vote in person, the election officials know that there’s a problem and can investigate while the envelope with the actual ballot remains sealed.


I reported the tweet as election interference, didn’t you? It took them a few hours but eventually they flagged it.

I seriously cannot wait until he is no longer the “president” and immediately (pretty please) gets deplatformed for tweeting something xenophobic/anti-American/medically unsound/attacking a private citizen/…

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I’d be interested to know how many eyeballs the tweet got before it was branded. It’d serve as a good measure of how effective the labelling is as damage control. If it got most of its views before the label was attached, then the damage is done and those who need to see the warning will never get it. Twitter is very much a rapid-fire consumption media.

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Don’t look for any logic. This is the same fella who supports absentee ballots but not mail-in ballots, even though they’re the same thing.


They wouldn’t trump is just lying. Anyone who perpetuates this lie won’t actually have anything to back it up with.

If you hear anyone tell this lie, make them explain how.


It isn’t like a Twitter warning is a talisman that keeps people from believing Trump’s stupid lies. People that believe Trump also believe that Twitter is against him. Adding warnings or even entirely deleting Tweets just confirms the conspiracy to his nut job followers.

I wish that there was a magical answer that Twitter could whip out to make people regain their sanity, but there isn’t. Something is broken in our culture and how we empathize with each other. Twitter, Facebook, and the like are just reflecting it back at us.

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Neither Trump nor his target audience know how voting by mail works, nor do they care. All they know it makes it easier for the Wrong People to vote, and that’s baaaaaad.

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No, they are hugely amplifying and drowning out any contrary signals. It’s a deliberate feature - not a bug - of the ‘engagement’ algorithm.

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