Twitter quietly reinstated its policy against misgendering

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The New York Times is rightfully vilified for its mind-numbing bothsiderism and all manner of right-wing knee bending, but occasionally it gets it right (er, left?)

One of the most remarkable developments of the new century has been the concentration of right-wing power and adulation in two men. Donald Trump is the obvious one, the unquestioned king of the American right. But easier to miss if you’re outside the MAGA world is the central importance of Elon Musk.

We’re familiar with Trump’s arc, of course. But why is Musk so important to the right? Why is a reported illicit drug user and unmarried father of 11 children by three women, a man whose social media site, X, is overrun with hatred and pornography, celebrated across the length and breadth of the new right, including parts of the Christian right?

The answer is that if Trump is MAGA’s champion, Musk is its gatekeeper. He doesn’t just use his immense reach (he has 174 million followers on X) to fight the left; he owns the right wing’s public square. This is because outside of X, the public isn’t reading the right. And as a result, X now shapes the right as much as even Fox News. …

when the history of these-dark-times are written, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was characterized as the era of the toxic nepo-babies. trump, musk, netanyahu, murdoch … -sigh-


Musk is such an X parrot.




I think this move is more likely a spite response against people calling X “Twitter”.


Elon’s already reversed the policy because nazi’s were upset.


Tell me when doesn’t take you to X and the domain isn’t owned by X or EM, only then will they have a point.


Why does that mean anything when whiny man-baby can use it as a cudgel to ban people he doesn’t like? Self consistency not required.

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