Twitter reinstates account that posted child sex image

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Does Musk believe that the dark mode equals the dark web?

He knows we can see him right?


Vice has a good deep dive with a lot of background on the poster.

There is, of course, disturbing stuff in the article so exercise care

Oh and regardless of what Elon says Twitter’s own stats show that this was on the site and got 3.1 million views


Ugh. I have a sinking feeling that this guy who owns what remains of Twitter is himself a sexual predator like Jeffery Eppstein. That we may be reading about his arrest on charges. I have no evidence, it’s just a gut feeling.

After all, he does seem hell bent on protecting child molesters and those who spread images of child abuse, n’est-ce pas?


Never mind Twitter accounts. How is this person not in prison?


“Not all pedo guys”?


Except… the asshole in question then complained, effectively saying, “Nah, it wasn’t, it was these pics.” Which really isn’t better.

And now there is such material circulating openly on Twitter, and edgy folks are having dumb arguments about how intention matters when sharing it, and it’s turning up on feeds due to The Algorithm.

Viewing it, even accidentally, is a felony.
Musk finally achieved something; he, personally, made thousands of Twitter users into sex criminals.


He’s [EDIT: also] claiming that Musk banned him for being a birther.

Despite having his account reinstated, when McGee returned to Twitter on Wednesday it was to attack Musk, slamming the Twitter CEO for claiming he shared child abuse imagery. Instead McGee made another wild claim: that Musk’s decision to ban his account was based on a conspiracy theory McGee had shared about where former President Barack Obama was born.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Musk is a birther himself, and it’s exactly the kind of “free speech” that he protects.


Not the evidence I saw.

I’m leaving this conversation now.


The man needs a razor.

It wouldn’t be the first time* that someone who accuses others of CSA is themselves a child abuser.

*Or the 100,000th time. Projection, gaslighting and DARVO is common behaviour for these arseholes.


Will this finally get @beschizza to stop linking to Twitter? At least use instead of twitter for those situations where there’s no other source.

You don’t have to use mastodon or bluesky, just don’t link to twitter. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was ironic when right-wingers obsessed with imaginary flavors of child abuse were triumphant when he took over because he’d “crack down on child abuse and trafficking,” even as he fired all the staff that dealt with those issues, but it’s super ironic now.


A noble endeavour but nitter seems to be down more than it’s up at the moment, i can’t currently access it, and since muskrat took over it seemed to be permanently broken.


I don’t think that is literally true. You couldn’t turn a theater full of moviegoers into felons simply by flashing an image of child sex abuse on screen with no warning.


Unreliable is better than fascist, IMO. To borrow a metaphor, I wish people were less obsessed about the trains running on time and a little more concerned about the trains being full of people off to death camps. :stuck_out_tongue:


You want to be the second guy to "Well, Actually… " me on this? REALLY!?

After I said I was out, you want to dig it up?


And of course, the trains won’t be running on time, either. You just get shot or sent to the camps when you point out they’re late.


Yeah there’s a lot of uncomfortable “smoke” around him and his family. Between his dad marrying his own stepdaughter and the pics with Epstein and Maxwell. There’s the bizarre conditions his baby-mommas have to agree to and at least one kid we know wants nothing to do with him. His fucked up misogyny and weird patriarchal ideals. There’s also the way he seems to be obsessed with being appealing to younger and younger people and his weird Peter Pan kind of attitude at times.

If I framed it as: has he had any “exploitative relationships” with some one under the age of 18…

I know how I’d bet.


We also have the story about him exposing himself to a woman and then trying to buy her silence, so he’s at a minimum a 𝕏 pest, and it would be no surprise to find he is a 𝕏 predator.