Twitter reactivates Trump's account

So archiving is the only thing people seem to need to remember before de-activating Twitter? I think it is time to get off my lazy ass and do it.


6 hours? Gotta seem like days to someone who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of patience.


… is that like “Sibilance as a Service” :thinking:


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I’m surprised that Twitter’s recent move to start stiffing vendors hasn’t made trump feel more at home. He loves that stuff.


Not to ruin the pedantic fun times but: has the likelihood of a Twitter/Truth Social partnership not been floated yet? Twitter the (supposed) Signal-killer, and TS the public-facing doormat where TFG and his cronies stomp the muck off their boots.

Surely Ebenezer Musk could cancel a few holiday weeks and imperil some H1-Bs to make the two systems interoperable. It would be a tech dung-beetle success story for the ages, rolling up two shitstorms into one larger platform. [Vomits a little in mouth]


Not that I have any influence over it happening, but I’ve mentioned the possibility a couple of times here. A merger would allow Biff to reclaim the mass platform he craves for his 3AM toilet bloviating without getting sued by his Pravda Social investors for posting elsewhere.

I’m sure Musk has thought of it. The question is if he has enough free cash to make “Twitter-Truth” a reality and get the big sideshow act back.

Meanwhile, Truth has delayed the SPAC merger meant to take itself public on its own.


The grift machine that is TFG seems like it could promise funding, built on the backs of people who wish to see things Great Again. It won’t be enough, not by a long shot, but I am shocked that the world’s richest man and the world’s griftiest grifter haven’t realized common purpose yet. Or maybe they have, and their outsized egos get in the way. “MAGA wins over BigTech” feels like a thing here, armchairing from this most depressing of timelines.

I hate that there’s fellow techies who are suffering under either the loving incompetence of Nunes, or the helicopter management “style” of Musk. An unholy union of the two… [shudders]


Both man-children live in a Highlander inspired reality bubble where there can be only One - and each of them is the One in their respective bubbles. I don’t see them joining forces.


My guess is it wouldn’t fly, as would forever color twitter as partisan, above and beyond Musk’s fascist forward hijinks. I think it would alienate democrats, I think there’s even a chunk of republicans who are enthusiastic for Desantis or someone else and would be a little tired of a social network that was all trump, all the time.

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