Twitter's cleaners fired without severance pay, in December

Which is one the main reasons why many in San Francisco have to actively look down when walking to avoid human excrement on the street.


Well, if the woke mob hadn’t blocked the robot dogs there be something to pick it all up! /XLs


But then who would pick up the robotic dog poop?


I imagine shiny little cubes. See wombat.


It’s like Musk is in a competition with 45 to see who can get sued the most.


I definitely have had a cleaning and maintenance job, oh yes! And I said “replace to a large extent”, not “totally replace”. As you said, a Roomba doesn’t totally replace a vacuum. But if you have a big building, a Roomba, or whatever is the commercial equivalent, can replace 90% of your vacuuming staff hours. The other 10%, yes you still need someone to do it. And someone needs to clean and maintain the Roomba (or whatever is the commercial equivalent of that). And some tasks like scrubbing a toilet, there’s no robot to do that now or in the immediate future. It’s not intellectually difficult but it is well beyond AI at this point. So Elon Musk is definitely going to need some janitors there or else it will become a health hazard in a day.

That’s the thing to understand with automation, it has major impacts on employment even when it’s only 90% effective, or even 50% or 25% effective. In my building where I work, it’s obvious that the cleaning staff spend half their day cleaning floors that could be cleaned even better with a commercial-grade Roomba-style robot. As soon as the building owner realizes that, cleaning hours will be reduced by half.

Firing the cleaners really has that “going bankrupt” feel.


I’m gonna call bullshit on that claim.

When you’re vacuuming out an office building (assuming you’re doing the job properly) you’ll be spending at least as much time moving chairs and wastebaskets around just to get clear access to the area that needs cleaning as you will actually pushing a vacuum.

Even Boston-freaking-Dynamics hasn’t replaced their cleaning staff with robots.


If he’s firing the cleaners to save money, then Twitter’s books are in rough shape indeed.

Next up “No more fancy Poland Springs water coolers, drink from the tap if you’re thirsty!”


He’s buying a robot cleaning company isn’t he?


I don’t have any solid proof of this, but I can say, getting a Roomba at home was just amazing for me. It means my floors are clean all the time. There’s no dust. I spend almost no time on it. Because the floors are 95% cleaned every day, there’s just less dust / particles around, so the corners and nooks also build up much less dust. Yes they do need an occasional human (me) intervention but it’s much less hours. It goes into places that vacuums don’t easily reach. There are no dust bunnies under my bed etc. It does require moving things out of the way and it does require cleaning / maintenance of the Roomba itself. But it’s really amazing how great it is for floor cleaning. And it’s clear that floor cleaning is a major part of cleaning hours, although I haven’t done any Googling to search for how much.

The robots are coming! Roombas are not even advanced at all. And they are amazing.

I predict a wave of cholera at Twitter HQ in the new year.


I feel like that’s pretty optimistic. Maybe if you redesign your spaces around being cleaned by roombas or have already have mostly large flat open areas without a lot of furniture. (but secure, so that the roomba’s don’t get stolen) But each separate secure area (or even places where the doors are closed) are going to need their own roomba.

Plus, bathrooms.


That’s before you get to techbros sleeping under the desks.

It turns out that Musk’s Technocracy utopia is a very dirty, smelly place (a good match for the “free speech absolutist” cesspool he’s turning Twitter into).


I think it is safe to say at this point that the Roomba is a mature and widely available technology. If robotic vacuum cleaners were going to make a major impact on how large businesses maintain the cleanliness of their facilities or how many people they keep on cleaning staff then it would have happened by now.


Not very original. But we should not be surprised. Trump made his name a household word by firing people. And 'Murka ate it up…


No, they’ll wear costumes and pretend to be robots.



And it runs over children.

Also,if you’re working an 8 hr day, and you need to allow some time to clean your space, not a huge deal. If your job is a twelve to sixteen hour clusterfuck of fun, you barely have time to eat and sleep, let alone doing office housekeeping.


Very spoiler for an old movie thx1138