Two dudes break into truck using packing tape


Why pick when you can bypass?

Oh, that’s clever. One of those things that I wouldn’t have thought of, but seems so obvious in retrospect.

This is an outrage! It is the telos of packing tape to close things which are open; and they pervert the natural order by using it to open things which are closed.

Natural law theorists hate this one weird trick.

(Actually, in thinking about it, thinking outside the box is aligned with the telos of packing tape, which, just as fire seeks its natural place by going up and earth by going down, seeks its natural place on the outside of the box; so natural law theorists are conflicted about this one weird trick. It’s definitely against nature to actually use it; but coming up with it may be a necessary result of the nature of man and the nature of packing tape.)


Whereas perversion is the telos of duct tape as it attempts, with limited success, to supplant the natural order. Each according to its kind.


good change this truck has an old fashion manual window. would this work on a car with power windows?

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