Two Florida women try to get Covid shots by dressing up as grannies

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“Six… I mean, uh, two vaccinations, please.”



Bonnets? Unless the Amish have priority status, how was that supposed to fool anyone?


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I was working up an idea for a movie based on this, but for a good cause.

In light of the multiple teachers I know who are stressed and anxious about working while Covid is running rampant, in the after times I want to pitch this dark comedy:

In the beginning of the film

“Mr Harris, why did I not get your home work.”

“OH, see, I had my grandma’s funeral, and I couldn’t get it done.”

“Mr Harris, according to my notes, this is the 4th grandma you have had pass this year.”

“What can I say, my Gramps gets around.”

A local high school is forced to go back to in school classes by the evil school board. The drama teacher hatches a cunning plan to get all the teacher vaccinated. They coach their fellow teachers on how to act old, while the drama club gathers age appropriate costumes and do perfect make up applications. The art department and science department team up to create pixel perfect fake IDs with all the security holograms, etc. The computer club hacks into the medical database and creates fake identities for each teacher. Then the jocks all take a teacher to get vaccinated and use their muscle if needed.

“Hey, yo! My grandma needs a vaccination! Whose head do I have to bust around here to get service?”

“Isn’t this the 4th grandma you have brought here?”

“What can I say, Gramps gets around.”

I am still work shopping the title.

All of this could be set to music.

High School Musical: The Vaccine Underground


In my state we’ve had issues with busloads of out-of-state folks showing up for vaccinations (when the states are only allocated enough shots for their own residents)

What I want to know is, are all these people scamming for their shots the same ones who said covid is a democratic hoax?




It was worth a try. Good for them for being pro-vaccine. I’m glad they were unsuccessful though. Let the real grannies go first.


Seems weird. In my state you run through an online questionnaire and it places you into a category. You make your appointment and come get your shot. If you put down that you’re a first responder and show up at a mass vaccination site, nobody is checking IDs. Why dress up like an old person?

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Ms Boppa and I got our first shots today. We’re 69 and 68 yrs old so no fakery was needed. And we’ve already got our appts. set for shot #2 next month. I am so looking forward to hugging my grandkids soon.


i say this with a longstanding, usual record of respect & admiration toward each of our nation’s fifty states: FREAKING FLORIDA!

so how did they get their first shots? Now we may as well let them get the second ones so they’re not wasted but maybe a handsome fine as a parting gift, or a few hundred hours manning a vaccination site wouldn’t be inappropriate.

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