Two GOP reps meet racist troll Chuck Johnson 'to discuss genetic testing and DNA'

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Allow me: eugenics.


It would be unfair to expect such…nuanced…theories to be dragged through the mud of a vulgar forum like Facebook, surely. ‘Gene’ is a science word, after all.


Christ these assholes aren’t even hiding this stuff now.

I am all for just going complete full on expose of every Republican in Congress that does shit like this. This is such a thinly-veiled bullshit parade that I can’t believe these people hold elected office.

Drag their skeletons into the light of day out of the closet and show them for what they really are. I never realized how ever-present racism actually is in America until I saw the current Republican Party. And this right after Steve King? They don’t even try to hide it anymore.


Steve King and Donald Trump are just the tip of the pustule. They are the symptom, not the cause.

The GOP is a fascist party. Not just the street thugs, all of it.


As part of his briefing, did Johnson ask these two upstanding Republicans to submit stool or urine samples using the methods he pioneered in college?


More evidence some extreme assholes read John Shirley’s Eclipse series and thought to use it as a game plan. Not cool, not cool at all.

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Too bad he’s blind to the white violence gene in his own confreres. :roll_eyes:


”Asking me to defend my views on Facebook is a little absurd,” he told NBC.

To be fair, he’s got a point. Asking him to defend bullshit pseudoscience and irrational hate is a little absurd.


In other words: “I’ll fucking say anything, don’t think I won’t bite you”


It’s incumbent on the interlocutor who makes a controversial claim of facts to at the very least provide evidence.

Scientific legitimacy doesn’t come from assertion.


I completely agree with you but there is a large element of proudly ignorant people who feel that kind of behavior is exactly what they want this country to look like. Public school education was been dumbed down, science villainized and critical thinking is considered morally wrong for challenging authority. In short these dumb fucks will believe whatever appeals to them because they neither have the ability or desire to seek out truth. Remember green-toothed, knuckle-draggin’, meth-addled morons believed themselves smarter than a Harvard educated man who fought resistance all the way to the white house. Reality does not affect them.


Andy Harris is from MD District 1, which went for Prez Cheeto 61.9–33.5%.

One congressman wouldn’t blindly meet with a random constituent, much less would two organize a meeting with one, so they could only have met with him if they knew who he was; which means there was no way they could avoid knowing all the nasty stuff. And of course they knew exactly who he was, just as Matt Gaetz did when he invited him to the SOTU. I recently saw the video where Matt Gaetz, the smirking POS, was justifying inviting Johnson… it was gross. All these dudes stand completely with Johnson, in full knowledge of who he is, smirking.


Wow… Stephen King coined a phrase perfect for such people of his ilk back when he wrote Christine:


Today’s GOP in a nutshell


Religion alters your genes? Fascinating! Imagine a simple genetic test that can tell us who is saved and who isn’t! Wouldn’t that be … horrifying?


I found myself wondering if Cat Stevens, for example, was required to undergo gene therapy when he converted?

Possibly going past eugenics, answer may be closer to a Final Solution.

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Getting nostalgic for the good old days when the Republicans at least weren’t blatantly in cahoots with Russians and Nazis.

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