Two naked men on Sydney beach ran from a deer, got lost, then fined for breaking lockdown

Today I, as an Australian, learned for the first time that we had deer here. We don’t get them in my region and I’d not encountered them while travelling to other states. Apparently feral introduced deer are an issue in certain areas. Whelp, you live and learn.

Everything in Australia is ferocious.


During the twice-annual floods, people are often crowded out of their homes by vast swarms of deer that eat everything in sight. There is no known antidote for deer venom.

At least that’s how I picture Australia.


Deer are ferocious everywhere. They’ve been attacking locals around here lately. People out for walks are getting confronted (and attacked) by aggressive does protecting their young.

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After a further search, they were also able to find a 49-year-old man, who was “partially clothed” according to a statement from NSFW police.


The sign language interpretation is the best part:

Geez I remember when the same thing happened to me.

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