Two people jailed for a month while their soap was tested for drugs




Never confess! How often do people need to hear it?


Sounds like a clean arrest to me.


Never never never admit to anything ever when talking to the police.

Also, 1 month to test some soap? Sounds like bullshit punitive stuff to me. Hope their lawsuit wins and creates a disincentive.


The cops were probably hoping to confiscate the car. That’s what the ‘war on drugs’ comes down to these days.


Nailed it.


Never talk to police until they beat a confession out of you.


The War on Drugs really needs a new name. How about the War on Civilians to Increase Revenue and Populate Prisons? We could probably squeeze something in there about racist motives, too.


To be fair, one month is pretty quick when you consider how much soap they had to snort just to make sure. :slight_smile:


‘Do you mind if I look in your car?’

Answer “No” and he searches your car.
Answer “Yes” and he searches your car.

Both of those responses are the wrong answer…


“I do not consent to a search of my vehicle” and he brings in the K9 unit to “alert” on your car. Then he searches your car.


A month? Wow, in California the sentence for suspicious soap is only three days. (The time Germs drummer Don Bolles spent in jail before the field test on his Dr. Bronners was proved inaccurate back in 2007.)


Somehow I don’t think we’re getting the whole story here.


By that you mean that they probably were subjected to a strip search and cavity probe?


You’re not serious, right? Because this shit is really common. They wanted to impoud the car, as someone above said. They make money from this shit.


Stupid cop. Drug dealers don’t make their own soap… TERRORISTS do! Didn’t you see Fight Club?

With enough soap, you could blow up the whole world. –Tyler Durden


Jeepers, I drive a lot. And I ‘hug the side of the lane’. Yeah, because it’s quieter.

No really, try it.


Drunks weave. Stoners hug the line.


I wonder if people in other countries warn each other about American cops? When I was a kid many years ago I always heard that the cops in Mexico were really bad about stopping people for a shakedown. Now I know what they were talking about. It’s like being out of the ordinary in any way and an American cops has Probable Cause. Probably cause he wants to see what he can get. Shit is getting real scary.


Big yes.