U.S. Embassy employee filmed in a road rage incident in Malta




Diplomats wanted: must be ‘diplomatic’, some knowledge of ‘foreign’ a plus.


I choose to believe he was using English to avoid the further international embarrassment of his being understood.


One of the official languages of Malta is English.


Ah. Well, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t work for an embassy. That and my shouting skills are pretty limited.


Here you see in microcosm why the rest of the world despises America.


American Un-exceptionalism at work.




Jesus, just call in an air strike next time.


“YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!..Live with yourself tonight, dickhead!”

Oh, the irony.

Somebody needs to relocate to Washington state or Colorado and partake, I would think.


He was upset because the drones were busy drowning kittens elsewhere.


Ut oh, the people that exposed this diplomat are evil whistleblowers… GET 'EM!


Just when you think it’s over it gets even better, when he pulls his shirt off and chases the other car down the street.
I hope that wasn’t the ambassador, but I wouldn’t be too surprised.
I’d love to know how that started and who was actually in the wrong there - driving etiquette-wise.


“I’m going to kick your fat Maltese ass all over this goddamn street!” and “Fuck all you guys!”

It kind of sounds like, in addition to being a self-entitled asshole (he clearly was the one that wanted to go the wrong way, considering the traffic behind the other dude was backed up and there was none behind him), he has a generalized dislike towards the Maltese. It’s only anecdotal evidence of course, but at least in my own mind, I’m going to chalk this up to the imperial degradation of US diplomacy. Sure, the embassy wasn’t happy about the embarrassment of the video tape, but would a reasonably competent diplomatic corps have a dude like this in the first place?


If you’re going to get into a shouting match with someone from a different country, it’s better to have it in your native language rather than theirs. That way they’re on the back foot rather than you.


Another fine example of our highly trained, Ivy-league educated, well-heeled, heavily vetted and screened diplomatic corpse. Is it any wonder the United States is a laughing stock and object of derision around the world? No. It is not.


You can’t pin 1 American’s despicable behavior on all Americans, as that is stereotyping, which is despicable as wellI have encountered bothe well-mannered and ill-mannered folks of every political and cultural stripe.


How about we give a random homeless person his job?

Seriously, we would still be better off with a random homeless person. And then they’d have a home, right?

And just imagine if we actually tried raising the bar!


Oh my. He was simply charming.
Makes me proud to be an American…not!


Guys, I’m pretty sure that guy was Canadian.

Americans aren’t that rude.