U.S. guided missile maker goes dark on social media after Gaza photo gets circulated

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Merchants of death are gonna make bank in these sorts of situations, I think the idea that it’s US-supplied arms and armaments killing civilians in Gaza is fairly well established.


Is anyone surprised? Really? America is the main supplier of arms to the world, and ESPECIALLY to Israel. Finding out parts of the missiles are manufactured by some company in the United States, or the jets doing the bombing are of American manufacture, is like finding out water can make you wet.


I guess the news here is that arms manufacturers are actually capable of expressing shame?


Perhaps maybe we’ll finally be able to have an honest conversation about how much money we’re shoveling to Israel in the form of bombs and bullets…and how they use those self-same bombs and bullets? Oh who am I kidding? If you try to have that conversation you get shouted down with ugly accusations of being an antisemite.


Aid packages.


It’s not too different in the UK either, they even kicked a Jewish Labour Peer out of the party because she criticized Isreal…

It’s a horrible tragedy the Zionist factions have been able to dominate conversations about this, I find it pretty similar to the way the evangelicals dominate the conversations around what is Christian, despite them not being the majority, and their views not being shared by many others who fall under the banner.


Not exactly the same thing, but the same basic idea.

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“Well, slaughtering defenseless civilians is terrible, of course – but think how much worse it would be if American companies weren’t profiting from it. I mean, would you want that money to go to the Russians or the Chinese? Of course not. So you have to remember that, dreadful as this whole business is, there’s still a silver lining of a kind, and at least it helps the American economy and our fine military-industrial complex, just a little.”



Clearly bomb makers sell products with the expectation that they’re not going to be used to actually bomb anybody.


Not meant to kill, just for self defense.


More like that they’re capable of shielding themselves from criticism.


And PR that makes their stock price fall from 131 to 122. As their CEO probably said, “That’s a shame.”


Probably said “Buy more stock, this year revenue is gonna BOOM!” Low prices are a deal.

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This is a little closer:


So in HS in one of our classes we spent 2 weeks or so picking 3 stocks and tracking them. The First Gulf War had just broken out, and I was still a big airplane fan, so I picked McDonnell Douglas as one of my stocks (makers of the bitchin’ F-15). I sorta expected a bump due to the war, but it more or less stayed the same. So did McDonallds.I can’t remember what other stock I picked.

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No, because I’m referring to the reaction of the missile maker and the American public, not the reactions of the victims.

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That’s disappointing. Woodward Governor had a great nativity drive around their parking lot for the holidays when I was a kid. I did not know they got into missile components. I grew up a few blocks away from the HQ.

Isn’t this what corporate social media accounts are for? To market and promote all the good that you do for the global community? Come on, Woody, step into it! Don’t try to hide anymore! Let the world know what you do? Get your followers to review your products! Become the social influencer of death you were always meant to be!

In their defense (pun), they are making just one component of many that make up a missile, not the missile itself. Those are made of hundreds of pieces manufactured all over the US to spread the defense cash around.