U.S. military claims to be dropping 'cyber bombs' on ISIS


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My first thought on reading the phrase “cyber bomb” was to imagine a bomb that homes in on IP addresses. No way that could go wrong.[/sarcasm]


It’s just a regular bomb delivered via the cybertubes


A battalion of hundreds of Keanu Reeves units.


And that’s all the detail we have, which isn’t much.

Thanks, A for effort.


Wait, no. It looks like Reuters made up the part about “cyber bombs.” The US military didn’t say that.


If it’s on Fox News Comedy Channel it must be true…


I imagine these are the “cyberwarfare” versions of those multi-million dollar cruise missiles being used to blow up some insurgents’ beat up old pickup trucks.


The very center of America would be glass slag.


I fear that consequences will never be the same.


Cyberbombs now, Dubstep guns tomorrow


nah, the coordinates are not nice enough. 38°N 97°W is much simpler to handle.


Will nobody think of teh kittenz?!


I can only imagine pixelated explosions over DAESH compounds…


‘Cyber bombs’ is a direct quote from Deputy Defense Secretary, Bob Work.

That is, it sounds like bollocks, but it isn’t Reuters’ bollocks.


I didn’t see that, but I agree about the bollocks.


Maybe they’re trolling the comment threads on their websites.

Ever noticed how news orgs always talk about something posted on “ISIS websites” but never ever link to the websites? I get why they don’t, but it seems odd to report on something as fact and offer absolutely no proof.


It’s a bomb filled with hundreds of AOL disks.


Alright, you load the AOL, I’ll get the VHS cassettes…

They won’t know what hit them.


They literally won’t. They’ll be looking at the AOL disks and saying, “What the fuck are these?”