U.S. now has 1 million coronavirus cases

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We alsoare closing in on half of all active cases globally


That’s called winning. /s


Those figures also indicate a fatality rate of 5.7% of detected cases
That’s a lot higher than the 2% originally forecast, which probably means vast, vast underreporting of cases (many of which may be asymptomatic).

You think you’re going to a restaurant any time soon? Think again. We are far from having this under control.


For anyone saying it’s no different than the flu, please remember, we still have the flu. So even if it were no different than the flu (which isn’t true) the death toll is in addition to the flu. And I would think it’s not impossible to have both at the same time.

They are talking about soft-opening restaurants around here – along with other service oriented businesses – as of May 5th, I believe.



Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought a few weeks ago it was 15 cases, and probably going down to zero?

I guess it’s time to stock up on UV LED suppositories and bleach needles!

(being sarcastic, but actually being sarcastic and not just saying stupid sh…)


Trump found a super-secret, very-stable-genius shortcut from 15 to zero.

Start at 15 but then quickly dodge and deflect around zero and head straight towards 1 million. Then zigzag through 2 or 3 million, trying to avoid 4 million while taking a hard right back towards zero.

Avoid all the lame-stream media “facts” and “gotchas”, and voila! You’re there! Zero!!!


Shame on Mayo for allowing Pence in without a mask.


And according to Worldometers.info, it now stands at 59,266. So maybe we’ll hit the 60,000 mark tomorrow where it will magically level off.*

*I don’t think that’s going to happen.


For fun, I revisited the day in 2015 when Impeached Mister President 45 descended that gold escalator and announced his candidacy.

Here’s what stood out from some of the words he said

He told the crowd not to believe government statistics showing unemployment had fallen to 5.4%. “Our real unemployment is 18-20%"

Fact check: Correct!

Trump […] said he knew that standing for office would be a “tough” job but somebody had to stand up to stop the country “dying”. “We’re dying, we’re dying,”

Fact check: Also correct!

Mister Trump; he’s like a shit Nostrodamus. Nostrodumbass?


All under control, stated impeached Trumpy boy some time back. Ha! How can they even think about “opening up” with these figures?

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more than 1 million and more than 58000 people have diedhave died in US

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Given that we know a lot of people get infected with little or no symptoms, it’s pretty certain there’s more virus out there. But even if it’s ten times more, that still means this is more severe than normal flu, and if no mitigation had happened, we’d be looking at really big numbers of infections.


An important stat, we have more cases than the next 5 countries combined, and are 26k away from having more than the 6th. We have more cases than Spain, Italy, France, UK, and Germany combined, and have almost beaten Turkey.

NYC is the 5th largest “country” when it comes to deaths, and overall we have more deaths than Italy and Spain combined. And we have almost 10x as many active cases as Spain and Italy.

Source: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html and a calculator.

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