U.S. prepares for #DayWithoutImmigrants strike on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017


With my family they latch onto ‘vagina hats’ as a reason to disregard. ‘They can’t dress proper in public so why should I listen to a bunch of white trash hooligans? Talk about women’s rights and dress like THAT?!’


Funny thing is, I see women around town wearing them all the time. They’re just knit caps with kitten ears and are both cute and stylish. Not sure how anyone would see a kitten cap as “white trash”.


Mom’s talking likevwomen are wearing hats made to look like vaginas. Given anything I say is disregarded I’ve decided for my personal sanity to just stop trying.


There’s zero physical resemblance between the pussyhats and vaginas. Perhaps the marketing war was lost the second someone decided not to call the hats kitten ear hats.


Basically this it seems. That or mom is seeing images of women with piercings and dyed hair and assumes everything else.


It’s a mindblower for “conservatives,” but lots of those pierced women with the funny hair color are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, business owners, accountants, and dozens of other professions. In other words, the women with secure enough jobs that they can afford a day off to stand up for the rights of all women. What counts as “professional appearance” varies greatly across the nation.


I saw mention of a daycare that was closed due to the protest and the parents all showed up to drop their kids off and flipped out about how inconvenient and unfair it was to them. I spent half a second looking at the comments on the story and the level of pure rage, racism and hypocrisy was pegged at 11.


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