U.S. States ranked by population—over the last century

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The series of meteoric rises in population in sun-belt states should be known as the freon curve, because they coincide with the availability of relatively cheap, small air-conditioning units.


As a crowd-hating, occasionally misanthropic introvert, no wonder I like living in Missouri more than I liked Florida. (Well… that and the fact that unbearable heat/humidity only lasts about 6 weeks instead of 10 months.)

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Well, that goes some ways towards explaining why Florida is such a mess…

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You won’t believe this one weird trick!


I had the same thought about the click-baityness of the copy. But they were right that I was interested to see who that line belonged to (and was naturally disappointed upon learning it was Florida), and I ended up spending several minutes unpacking the data. So in a way, I guess I’m thankful. Maybe.


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