UC Berkeley issues first-ever university transparency report

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That’s not a building at Berkeley. That’s the Berkeley City Hall.

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OK, with this report, we have established a rough upper bound of 1 in 2000 users for how much data the government will demand of a university. It’s hard to imagine a university more likely than the People’s Republic of Berkeley to have its users monitored!

That said, I wonder about the truthfulness of the report. If some agency were to order UCB to underreport the monitoring requests, would we ever know? (Ten years ago, I’d say that was the province of wingnut conspiracy theories … but it seems to be well-established that the three-letter agencies in actuality go beyond the wingnuts’ wildest hallucinations when it comes to monitoring the communications of the public.)

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yeah i noticed that, i guess that’s the peril of using Creative Commons photos?

I don’t know if we have evidence of government intervention telling people to actively lie about things - instead they simply can prevent you from talking about something, which is different.

I’m not saying no, but I am saying that so far, they’ve followed a certain sort of logic.

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