UK government accidentally includes Scarfolk poster endorsing culls of rabid children in official publication


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They mistakenly included a Scarfolk poster which encourages discourages the killing of children (in a manner consistent with Scarfolk).


Anyhow, evil LOLs. Anything one can do for the war effort, etc.


I’m delighted that the Tories are finally accepting their true nature and extending Scarfolk policies to the entire nation.


Badger badger badger badger CHILD! AHHH! A CHILD!


Nice touch with the tick boxes in the upper right corner.


other historical documents of note, a very modest menu Jonathan Swift proposed for his cozy little bed and breakfast
A circus poster of the renowned Benjamin Blackadder rogering his semi-intelligent hominid Baldrick for the delight and edification of a paying public.
the true identify of Jack the Ripper, a Victorian gentleman who received his nickname by his habit of sneaking up behind members of the clergy and ‘letting rip’ a truly horrendous fart before running off laughing like a hyena.


That is just too delicious! Lol. Love the Scarfolk stuff.


Of course we don’t shoot children who have rabies. We care for our own, treating the children for rabies.

Now, a “Village of the Damned” scenario, that’s another matter.


“…political, entertainment or culinary reasons”.

Made my frickin’ day! I’m still snickering.


All Scarfolk children are Midwich cuckoos though. Even the ones who aren’t.


Did they include this?


It took me a while to realize that all the madness in Scarfolk relating to children stemmed from the time loop itself: the children were literally children forever, aging and un-aging over and over until they all went mad.


Aw… it looks like it got noticed, and corrected. :sob:


No, they don’t.


Why “accidentally”? I doubt if they keep the Scarfolk stuff on the same shelf. Someone snuck in a Scarfolk poster to see if anyone was paying attention. And no-one was. Bravo!


For more information, please reread.



Be suspicious when a child asks for a drink of water.


Be more suspicious if your child refuses to bathe.


I would be immediately suspicious of any child that wants to keep itself clean. It’s clearly a miniature killbot in disguise.


I showed this to a mate who called it out as fake news, as the UK govt PDF has been updated (or never had the Scarfolk content if you are a skeptic). How would we go about determining if this actually happened?