UK passengers flying United or Delta to USA must show negative COVID-19 tests

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So … the positive people get to travel, while the negatives are advised to stay home for their own safety?

I mean, this is travel to the US we’re talking about! Bungling Boris has managed to completely bork the UK’s response, but still not quite as badly as Trump has.

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Maybe this is a bit Papers Please, but I kinda feel like if we’re allowing international travel, everyone entering the country should be tested. Everywhere, not just the US.


That is exactly what NZ, and I believe Australia, are doing.

Except, you know - get a test before you leave, if you want. That’s very cute. However be prepared to pucker up once you get here because we’ll be testing you anyway regardless.



Canada outright banned flights from the UK, and the US border has been 99% closed for months, so asking for tests is hardly extreme at this point.

I think a big part of the US failure has been how reluctant Americans are for any kind of real rules. Even the “lockdowns” that some states have done are all just desperate pleas from local officials that go largely ignored. I’ve yet to see anything police-enforced like Canada (and others) are doing. The only people enforcing anything in the US are grocery stores, for crying out loud,

To be fair, it’s quite recent that fast reliable testing has reached the point of this being practical. Now that they are, countries are moving this way. Canada is now experimenting with testing everyone at the airport and requiring a short quarantine while waiting for those results, but it’s still two days to be sure. The fast tests that are reliable enough to trust without a follow-up from a lab to confirm are juuuuust starting to appear.


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