UK Political Thread, part the second

Also, it seems that more people are using links now, after the Guardian memory holed three paragraphs of the Judith Butler article the other day.


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Cressida Dick Must Go…



That’s not why Durham was expelled.

Mr Durham was cheered by many in the audience at a rally in January as he said that left-wing Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey did not deserve support because she was “cuddling up” to the Jewish Labour Movement" and the “well-known Tory” Chief Rabbi.

“We should not be allowing that,” he said.

I’m not sure this merited expulsion from the party – the whole party expulsion thing seems a little strange to me as an American – but as a Jew this feels like an antisemitic attack, and Durham is whitewashing himself.

Maybe we could talk to Goodyear?

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It starts to get a lot more disturbing when you see and hear people from the Labour right demanding a purge of the left, we had one of them running in a ward for Oxford City Council, but thankfully he was convincingly beaten by the Green party candidate.

There is also currently an exodus of trans and Romani people from the Labour party as we are not taken seriously and our abusers are protected. And let’s not forget the internal attacks on Diaspora Jews for not supporting Israel, those are the attacks that I have to deal with regularly as that includes my housemate and the people who literally saved my life by getting me out of Carlisle when no one else cared. They feel unsupported and betrayed by the Labour party too.

If the Labour Party wants more antisemitism and resentment towards Jews then they are going down the right path to get it. I don’t and I believe the Labour party could be handling everything far better than they are. They could start by being consistent and treating Rosie Duffield the same way as Graham Durham, I’ll let the Labour Party leadership decide what that is, at least I will know where they stand if they have the courage to do that.


The whole situation around Jewish people and antisemitism in the Labour Party feels like divide and rule. Only the right kind of Jew get support, the others get called kapos, told that they aren’t real Jews, and the Labour Party is complicit in that by doing nothing about it.


And to back up what I have just said, just from yesterday

Meanwhile, Rosie Duffield comes out with more transphobic bullshit that I will not link to, and will go unpunished again!


Labour used to claim to be about supporting oppressed minorities. That includes trans people, but shouldn’t exclude Jews. If some (gentile) Blairites are exploiting this shit for political purposes, that doesn’t excuse the antisemitism, it just compounds it. The kicker in this case is that RLB is harldy a Blairite.

The JLM is the largest (by a long shot) and historical caucus of Jews in the Labour Party. The Chief Rabbi is an official voice of organized Judaism in the country. The attacks on both, and the assertion that Labour candidates shouldm’t talk to either, were disturbing.


There is no disagreement with that here. It is little comfort when you live in a house where everyone is questioning whether they belong, whether it is in the Labour Party, the Jewish community, or Britain.

This should not be oppression olympics, but the Labour Party right-wing decided that it will be, and now we are all fighting amongst ourselves. No one benefits from this but the Tories.

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I need to go away and get my thoughts written down. I’ll talk about that later.


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They’ve shown you who they are. And that they’re quite willing to calculate the political value of the safety of your body and your life.

Yet they’ll still play act being shocked when people believe them.


Meanwhile, the Labour party lets these people back in.

If that doesn’t send a message as to exactly what “Labour” now stands for, then I don’t know what does.


And to bring our little Manics anti-establishment playlist bang up to date…

Don’t let their hatred blind us
Their lies will help unite us

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He said: “It is clear that Boris Johnson wasn’t telling the truth.

Ya think?! You hear a lot of buyer’s remorse from DUP leaders and various others too because de Pfeffel has thrown the lot of them under that stupid fucking red bus. He’s been showing us who he is for his entire public life and only now you choose to believe him? I have zero sympathy but we’re all being dragged under the wheels with the rest of them.


Not so much politics as Culture Wars™ but this is how you avoid being pulled into the Tory soundbite game

Huh, usually antipodeans are being brought in as wrecking balls (see trade envoy Tony Abbott or the university administrator below) but is seems this one actually might do some good even if he has to mince his words in front of the committee.

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Morally bankrupt pathological liars. As a description of Facebook, its senior management team, and their culture I really don’t see what the problem is here.