UK Political Thread, part the second

Well done Keir, you have just pushed one of the founders of the Labour party into disaffiliating.


Marauding gangs of bikers stalking fuel tankers and nobody wearing ass-less chaps? It really is the worst of all possible timelines.

This needs a repost.

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Good grief. Do you know of any examples of a more self-sabotaging party conference? I’m sure there are some but you’d be hard pressed to top this. Omnishambles doesn’t begin to cover it.

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I’m of the opinion that Labour is a HUGE amount of the problem, certainly not the solution…

We need to follow Scotland’s lead in completely removing labour, then theres chance a non-tory party might gain influence.

That said, it baffles me why the unions are still blindly supporting them…


That there were no assless chaps is one of the few comforts of these last days.

The only question is will the captain go down with the ship?

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The press reporting of Starmer’s speech is unreliable, the speed that they were published at suggests that they got given copies in return for positive coverage. The real responses will be coming in the next few hours.


This is a big moment that demands leadership. Leadership founded on the principles that have informed my life and with which I honour where I have come from.





I think of these values as British values. I think of them as the values that take you right to the heart of the British public. That is where this party must always be.

And I think of these values as my heirloom. The word loom, from which that idea comes, is another word for tool.





These are the tools of my trade.

And with them I will go to work.

I do not feel secure
I do not feel like I am treated as an equal
I do not think that the Labour Party cares
I do not think that the Labour Party is working

Keir Starmer is part of the problem, not the solution, and if you see this as a Corbyn vs Starmer/Left vs Right issue then so are you. Rosie Duffield got front page coverage for not attending the conference because of online threats. A transgender politician was harrassed in the toilets at the conference by TERs and no-one except Pink News has noticed. You cannot claim you are a party who cares with inequality like that, an attitude that only cisgender matters.

Words are not enough anymore, I demand action.



Provided you could hear anything of what he was saying above the chorus of hecklers. I listened to a good chunk of it but the words inspiring, rousing, passionate do not apply to this speech. It was insipid and full of the sloganeering he was accusing the hecklers of.

Surely all the founders of the Labour party have been dead for several decades.

The BFAWU, as an organisation, is one of the founders and sponsored early Labour candidates.


Ah, I understand. The organization, not the individual.

If Labour sinks, I hope there’s something around to take its place. A permanent Tory government is in nobody’s best interest, not even the Tories.

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Just the current state of political discussion on UK TV:


Not with a ten-foot pole.

Unless it had a two foot spike on the end.

Will the masses ever get wise to how “divide and conquer” works?


Oswald Mosley didn’t just get a second chance at fascism, he got a third chance too and was planning a fourth when he died.

Britain and the Eton boys club don’t want people to learn.


Same thing here of course, e.g., the manufactured Critical Race Theory “debate.”


The TERFs lost the Green Party of England and Wales leadership elections

Don’t think that the fight is over, there are still transphobes in prominent positions in most political parties in Britain (Scottish Green Party is the only exception that I can think of).


I look forward to the day that TERFs are not welcome in ANY political party…