UK Political Thread, part the second

The green party in Ireland ran an anti-choice candidate last election. Mind you voters stayed away in droves.

Mind you the Irish green party went into government with the two right wing parties and essentially is in the process of purging their progressive members. Some of whom voted against the programme for government and are in parliament.

Fucking Gaelers on bikes."

*They benefited from my last transfer to be the last elected candidate in the People’s Republic of South Central Dublin, but he and his partner (Mayor of Dublin) are being sidelined from the party.


Well he’s not wrong (Mark Steel that is). Martin was one of the more rabid, foaming at the mouth brexiters so i hope he suffers the consequences. Plus their food has always been shit.


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I don’t really see him squirming there. Waffling incoherently, sure, but there’s no sign of self awareness in that video.


Well no, we’ve seen the relationship that brexiters have to the truth and reality in the past and their belief that if the government had just somehow ‘brexited harder’ we wouldn’t be in this mess!


I know 18-24 are far from the most reliable voting age group, but this looks really bad for the future of the Labour party. The Green party will be happy though.


ETA: George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain are just as toxic as the far right. The Party was founded by CPGB-ML activists, and both parties have a TER agenda. I still can’t work out if they think I am petty bourgeois or lumpenproletariat, but maybe it’s not worth focusing on.


Please don’t give that turd time in your brain.