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Yeah, there’s a per capita graph in there that just looks even more horrifying. It’s hard to overstate what a huge own goal this is and i still maintain most people didn’t have a clue what they were voting for - - don’t tell the brexiteers that though.

‘UK regions and European structural and investment funds’ (pdf)

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Given that they don’t stop going about their net contributor status, nothing should be easier than matching every single penny. Do they tell why they won’t?

In effect, yes, MPs explicitly voted against a guarantee to secure continued funding after we leave. There was a big old dust-up in the assembly with labour accusing the tories of betraying their own promise. Overlord may has no interest in what the devolved powers want out of this, it’s either her way or no way and austerity all the way to the bottom.


I have to admit it took a bit longer than i expected but they got there eventually eh? They have huge powers already, the most intrusive of any western democracy, but it’s not and never will be enough.

It used to be that people would steam open envelopes or just listen in on phones when they wanted to find out what people were doing, legally, through warranty.

Of course because breaking encryption for everyone is a totally sane and justified equivalent to the targeted surveillance of a few individuals. But people could be having private conversations in coffee shops or bus stops or libraries so let’s install microphones everywhere, there should be “no place for terrorists to hide”.


I’m sure May is totally on-board with this. Probably proposed it. It’s totally consistent with all the other authoritarian crap she’s pulled. Be interesting to see if David Davis keeps his head down now he’s in the cabinet. Opposing this sort of crap is the only thing he’s good for.

That’s the ironic thing though isn’t it - david davis, tom watson, shami chakrabarti were all fighting this crap and successfully challenged it in the EU court but are now strangely silent since gaining certain privileged positions. I replied to you on this same issue late last year actually and we’re all set to have a repeat of the debate/fud over encryption from the 90s.

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The Daily Heil is a steaming pile of shite, part eleventy million.


Cue dudes manplaining how this isn’t sexism!


There are no words. I just want to puke.


If you didn’t see this coming when May became PM, I don’t know what to say. As Home Secretary, she wore all her fascist, racist, bigoted badges on her sleeve for everyone to see.

The only good part of this utterly misguided, technically illiterate diatribe is that it always ends in a climb-down.

“Harrumph! Paul Dacre tells me this is a Very Bad Thing! We must ban it immediately!”

“Well yes, it’s an integral part of all internet communication but that’s only because of terrorists!”

“We need more powers to stop the terrorists and paedophiles, and anyone who favours encryption is on their side!”

[Government Special Advisor enters, hastily explains that the banking industry depends on encryption to function competitively]

“We, um, value the role that our, um, creative industries play in our fast-paced modern world…”

Seriously, every time the Tories rail against encryption they end up looking like a bunch of Cnuts.


(Not a typo:

I beg to differ.

They are a bunch of cnuts.


I did see it coming, she’s always been a control freak and nobody liked her as home secretary. A very many people had nightmares of her one day becoming PM but we could all sleep easy knowing that was unlikely. Happy days.

That ship has sailed with the investigatory powers act. Equipment interference (hacking), requiring CSPs to retain connection records, bulk collection of data, forcing tech companies to backdoor their own products etc. and all under a nice gagging order gives them carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they like.


RIPA and everything else you mentioned are all travesties but they’re quite separate from the semi-regular indignant huff the Tories work themselves up into about encryption.

Every few months, Tory Cnut du Jour works themselves into a frothing lather about how Encryption Is Awful And Must Be Stopped, and every few months they have an awkward, silent climb-down after a policy official patiently explains to them that they’re being fucking idiots.

Cameron also railed against encryption but it was an equally futile gesture, designed to play to the Daily Mail crowd with no basis in reality.

They can shout about it as much as they like but until they convince WhatsApp et al (“et al” here includes every single foreign government in the world and every business with a vested interest in providing encryption to consumers) to drop encryption they are just pissing into the wind.

Even if they did somehow manage to persuade everyone in the world that encryption is A Bad Thing, what are they going to do about all the encrypted devices that already exist in the wild? They can pry my phone and my laptop out of my cold, dead fingers.


Looks like the Scots will get a second chance to escape for saner climes.

And what is this shit?

Government sources have briefed that a cut-off date at the end of the two years of talks would open the UK to a rush of EU citizens seeking to enter the country.

Bwahahahahahaha. I’m sure EU citizens are just queuing up to move to the UK right now.

This cartoon villain crap is really pissing me off. Yes, I know they’re Tories, but seriously, this kind of stuff is beyond the pale. It’s like they feel they’re in a competition with the Trump administration.

Speaking of…


That’s the thing. Article 50 was never meant to be triggered, because it’s self-evidently stupid. You can’t negotiate anything until you leave, so you’re stuck in limbo from the moment it’s done, i.e., tomorrow, the day that my country ceases to exist. I don’t and won’t recognize Brexit Island (or half of Brexit island, as may be) as my home in any way.


I can only say that i agree with you, they can do all the pearl clutching they like regarding encryption but it’s just howling into the void when you have tech companies outside their jurisdiction. Not to mention the third party tools that will always remain outside corporate influence and are easily found on github or wherever. My worry is the vast majority of people who are non-techies and don’t even know what encryption is let alone why it’s important, it’s why i think the investigatory powers act sailed through parliament, there just wasn’t enough public opposition to it.

I would say though that RIPA is separate legislation to the investigatory powers act although they share similar powers, the latter being like RIPA on steroids.






A new era has truly begun. You thought you saw kvetching about Brexit before, but I say to you, I have not yet begun to complain.