UK psyops created N. Irish Satanic Panic during the Troubles


Yea, right. That’s just what the Prince of Lies wants you to believe.


Exploiting local superstitions in PSYOPS is old and effective.

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The Irish weren’t the only ones to experience the Satanism panics of those years. I recall very clearly that there was a real rash of similar events in the US where people were being accused by panic-driven neighbors of Satanic rituals. It got really nuts with police getting called and so forth, and then it all quickly died out. Every now and then, I wonder if we’ll have another period of strangeness like it. It makes me wonder if the events in the US were driven in part by what happened in Ireland, now that I reflect on it. It doesn’t surprise me at all that such a tactic could be used, since once started, such a panic could be driven by well-placed rumors and even staged events to achieve disorder and discontent. Fear is far less prone to logic and careful consideration if you give it push in the right direction.

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