UK schools using spyware to monitor students' ideology

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Protip for spotting radicalism: If you support spying on your children because you’re afraid they’re going to turn into jihadists, look in the mirror. Congratulations! You spotted a radical.


Well, this will certainly convince everyone that British talk about freedom and whatnot isn’t transparently cynical. On the plus side, there is certainly no figure that kids consider cooler and more influential than ‘state assigned social worker’, so nipping jihad in the bud should be trivial!


They wouldn’t like me, I am instigating a war against ideology.

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Ahh, I remember the last war on of ideology, they nearly blew up the whole planet, and all we got was some rubble in Berlin.

A war on ideology might differ from a war against ideology. Consider, for example, “The War on Drugs”! The phrase “on drugs” could connote several meanings. Well, ideology is a hell of a drug.



I’m sure this won’t be happening in private schools, particularly not the ones which have a [Combined Cadet Force][1], because why worry about the kids with access to weapons?
(disclaimer, I quite enjoyed being in the cadets)

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Wrong guy - Christie’s only ideology is, “what’s in it for me?”

If I was a British teen, which I am not, although I wouldn’t mind, I would take it upon myself to obtain and update the official list of bad words. Then I would blast them out in a secret mailing to all my henchmen, who would instruct my legions of followers to think up new meanings for these words and use them liberally in all text messages. “Jihobbyist” now means “hot girl” - that sort of thing.

Except I have a hunch the list will never be updated, until one day, in a decade or so, somebody leaks it and we all have a belly laugh at the “hep daddys” and “23 skidoos” that were once so dangerous.


I was just looking for the one that looked the most like cocaine bear

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You spotted a reactionary, you mean.

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In Britain? I nearly got blown up by IRA bombs twice in the 1980’s.

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so if a student talks about UKIP does that count?


That’s probably a slightly dangerous hobby for the intended targets of the program, who probably don’t need the extra heat; but if I were a british student, and as lilly-white-and-WASPy as I am, I’d be laughing my ass off at the prospect of adopting some hip jihad slang and attracting fretting social workers and similar feckless official interventions.

For extra fun, (if there were authority figures that seemed capable of appreciating it), the next step would be to make it known that the jihad slang, when not being used to literally discuss plans for martyrdom operations in the caliphate and so on; was being used to disguise discussion of illicit drug use, depraved sexual practices, and similar ‘kids-these-days’ things that only old people could possibly take seriously, like ‘rainbow parties’ and ‘jenkem’.


Exactly. Reactionaries are pretty darn radical.

War on Islam Phrase often used by Islamists and jihadis to perpetuate the narrative that the west is at war with all Muslims, which is crucial to their radicalisation and recruitment aims.

So… can we talk about the “War on Christmas” next, then?

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If we wish. It’s far from news that hardline religious reactionaries, regardless of specific theology, are really very much in the same industry and share numerous goals, enemies, and ideological similarities.

It’s like producers of beef and producers of pork. They can’t live in peace, because demand for one product largely comes at the expense of demand for another; but if you bring up veganism; animal cruelty; saturated fat; or efficiency of calory production; you can just bask in the togetherness.

See also ‘fatwa envy’…

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