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I’ve been here nearly 40 years. When I arrived it was punk and Camden (I was 10), and a bit scary, and there were kids at school who used cattle prods to chase other kids and electrocute them hahaha.

I got lucky and changed schools.

This incredible and inventive young lady, today, also got lucky and changed schools:

She is essentially global good news. And the uncontrolled tossers at her uncontrolled school gave her such a bad time she’s leaving, invited to another school.

wtf? But seriously UK, stop and consider this.

My current view is that the UK arrogantly controlled an “empire” [remembering that “heros” like Francis Drake were slave traders and pirates]. He was knighted, but the British Honours System was the same level of bullshit as it is now - sparkles and dazzles to hypnotise the general public. But with the loss of the empire, replaced by a ratshit national welfare system, the mass of the population basically has little future to look at in their cultural mind.

Previously, for hundreds of years, any young man could join the fighting or merchant navy. Anyone. And make money. There was cash. There were outposts and plantations etc. Now - not so much. But the British are inventive, and things seem to be changing.

But these yobs undermine it all. They are culturally angry and destructive. There is no need.

There seems to be a cyclical evacuation of “good” people from the UK. Maybe it’s just renewal.

But I’m seriously tired of this seriously stupid crap.

@doctorow who was your travel agent??! My kids love Canada!


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