Ukraine sinks another Russian warship, the Caesar Kunikov

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You don’t need a large navy when you have drones.

At this point they should park their fleet far, far away from Ukraine. Maybe in a port with a floating, raised net to keep drones out of the area. Because right now they seem to be sitting ducks.

I am sure the US is taking notes on this and if they don’t already have anti-drone measures, start working on them ASAP.

The Navy has the Phalanx system on some boats which is pretty damn awesome, able to detect and fire on incoming missiles with a literal wall of bullets. It says it can target smaller boats (like suicide speed boats used in the past), but not sure if it will target these smaller drones.


And, to add insult to injury, Ukraine sunk it on the anniversary of the death of the Russian naval officer it was named after…


A Russian spokesman denied reports that the Kunikov had been sunk by Ukraine, but said that the landing ship had been “reclassified as a submarine” as part of a previously-planned reorganization of the Black Sea Fleet.


How many $10,000 drones would it take to sink a $Multibillion dollar fleet?

Looks like just one. Keep in mind the Ukraine has some top level drone developers


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