Ukraine was focus of Trump 'promise' in whistleblower complaint

Yep, that and also probably coming up with something to justify pardoning Manafort.

That was his actual argument, but now he’s moved on to arguing that no one has the right to even investigate not only himself, but anyone he knows.

Also, Trump and his cronies denying it - actually pretending to be offended at such an outrageous lie - then admitting it and saying, “So what?” to normalize it. Which Rudy Giuliani did in a single sentence the other day*. Which was a hell of a thing. It’s all so tiring.

*Actual quote: “You want to cover some RIDICULOUS CHARGE that I urged the Ukranian government to investigate corruption. Well, I DID. AND I’M PROUD OF IT.”




This is impeachable. Every Democrat holding public office in the United States needs to immediately say that this is impeachable.

It would seem that Seth Abramson is unfamiliar with the current Speaker of the House (and her apologists, who’ll be along shortly).

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I’d pay good money to have Warren or some such Dem candidate call Putin for dirt on trump.

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Plus, Putin needs to keep his motorcycle gangs and militias and motorcycle-gang-militias occupied or they’ll get antsy. Don’t want them coming home to Moscow.


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